The Five Stages of Grief: Coming to Terms with “President Trump”

DENIAL Donald Trump won the Nevada caucus last night. Big deal. Everyone expected that. The real story is who finished second. And Marco Rubio came through BIG — winning second place with 24 percent of the vote! All that matters is the delegate count, okay? And last night? Marco Rubio won delegates! He’s keeping pace. He has Trump right where he wants him! Rubio’s genius 3-5-2-2 strategy — i.e. finishing third in Iowa, fifth in New Hampshire, second in South Carolina, and second in Nevada — is really panning out! He’s on fire! He can’t be stopped! He’ll take second place all the way to the convention! This

Trump’s Huge Night

Donald Trump’s victory in Nevada was huge. Together, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio could not muster more voters than The Donald. Looking ahead at the polls, Trump looks hard to beat. Trump crushes Rubio in Florida. He’s beating Kasich in Ohio. Cruz is leading in Texas by a lot, and in Arkansas and New Mexico by a little — that is before this latest loss. The rest of the map if filling up Trump. The “moderate” states in the Northeast? Trump. The Midwestern middle? Trump. The deep South? Trump. Trump, Trump, nothing but Trump. And yet, to date, Super PACs

New Post-S.C. Poll: Can the Trump Train Be Stopped?

In the first national poll to be released following last Saturday’s South Carolina GOP Primary, Rasmussen shows Donald Trump increasing his lead to 15 points over the rest of the field. Trump registers 36 percent support in the poll, leading Marco Rubio (21 percent) and Ted Cruz (17 percent) by double-digit margins. John Kasich came in fourth, with 12 percent. With 12 states voting next week on Super Tuesday, these numbers bode well for Trump’s chances, though tonight’s Nevada caucuses and Thursday’s CNN debate could alter the outlook between now and then. However, as Rasmussen points out, more and more

After South Carolina, It’s a Three-Way GOP Race

I shared some post-South Carolina Primary thoughts on Facebook Saturday night, but I wanted to expand on that here. This is a three-way race between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Currently Donald Trump is in the driver’s seat. Finally after South Carolina pollsters can finally pat themselves on the back because the polling finally reflected the primary results. The RealClearPolitics average of South Carolina polls showed: Donald Trump – 31.8% Marco Rubio – 18.8% Ted Cruz – 18.5% Jeb Bush – 10.7% John Kasich – 9.0% Ben Carson – 6.8% With the South Carolina Primary results, the order

New Nevada Poll: Trump Leads, Cruz Second, Rubio Distant Third

The latest Gravis poll has Trump ahead in Nevada with 33 percent, Cruz second at 20 percent, and Rubio third with 11 percent. That’s a slight decline for Trump from the October CNN poll but a huge surge for Cruz from 4 percent to 20 percent. Carson was at 22 percent then but has plummeted to 6 percent now. It looks like Cruz has been the main beneficiary of his decline. Rubio is up slightly from 7 percent to 11 percent. Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project.

The Rubio Path to Victory: A Roadmap?

In light of the Rubio Nevada firewall strategy, I offer Dan McLaughlin’s (RedState) Rubio roadmap that seemingly validates it, though contrasting it with Cruz’s more viable path to the nomination. It’s an intriguing look – based on a presumptive Rubio victory in Nevada – at what would have to happen for Marco Rubio to win the GOP nomination.  To wit: I should stress that what follows is not an exercise in prediction, and that a lot can still happen between now and the Iowa Caucus on February 1. This is obviously a somewhat optimistic hypothetical scenario for Cruz, and a

If Nevada Is Rubio’s Firewall, Will It Be Too Little Too Late?

There’s a chance the promising primary campaign of Marco Rubio and his “New American Century” may sputter before it ever ignites. Elaina Plott writes in National Review: Marco Rubio is going all in to win Nevada. Though the Florida senator has eschewed the idea that he needs to hunker down in any particular state, his campaign has quietly and steadily poured resources into the Silver State, where chaos and dismal turnout rule the caucuses. Rumors of the Rubio campaign’s weak ground game in Iowa and New Hampshire have led many to conclude that his strategists don’t believe he needs an

Trump Up Double Digits in South Carolina, Nevada

The good news keeps coming for Donald Trump as new CNN/ORC polls show the real estate mogul in first place in South Carolina and Nevada, the third and fourth contests in the presidential primary race: Trump holds 38% support in Nevada, with Carson in second with 22%, and in South Carolina, Trump doubles Carson’s support, 36% to 18%. No other candidate comes close to those top two in either state; the third-place candidate in each case has less than 10% support. Perhaps more interesting is the fact that Trump dominates the other candidates on issues like the economy and immigration. In fact,