Nine Takeaways from Super Tuesday 3

March 15th or Super Tuesday 3 (I originally called it Super Tuesday 2, but apparently March 8th was “super” as well) was a good night for Donald Trump. He won every state that he led the polls in. He wracked up lots

Why Illinois and Missouri Matter Today

Florida and Ohio have carried much of the attention over Super Tuesday II because of their 165 winner-take-all delegates. But Illinois and Missouri, with 121 delegates between them, could turn them into swing states. A RealClearPolitics piece today notes their vital importance

Why I Hope Trump Wins Ohio and Florida Tonight

Here’s my contrarian thought for the day: our only shot at beating Donald Trump is for Trump to win both Ohio and Florida today. I know. I know. Everyone has been filling your head with Mitt Romney’s anti-Cruz fantasy: we can direct

Romney Campaigns for Kasich

Not that he has endorsed John Kasich officially, but Mitt Romney showed up in Ohio and did everything but: The 2012 Republican nominee for president, campaigning for the first time since his blistering anti-endorsement of Donald Trump, arrived at an airplane museum in

By the Numbers: Super Tuesday II

The 2016 GOP primary has three major “Super Tuesdays.” Super Tuesday I was on March 1st, where 632 delegates were awarded — more than a quarter of all delegates. Super Tuesday II is tomorrow on March 15th. There are 367 delegates up for grabs in

Erick Erickson: The Deal Is Done

Erick Erickson just came out with a great piece. Clearly a deal is in place. Via The Resurgent: Jeb Bush has a private meeting with Kasich, Cruz, and Rubio. Cruz’s campaign, after a lot of bluster about going all in in Florida admits