Woman Accused of Election Fraud Faces Additional Charges From Cherokee Nation AG.

The Attorney General of the Cherokee Nation has filed new charges against an Oklahoma election campaign volunteer already accused of election fraud in a race for Cherokee Council. Lisa Cookson is now facing an additional five charges of “false personation” after the Cherokee Nation AG’s filing against her in tribal court. Cookson volunteered for the campaign of Bobby Slover, a candidate for District 2 Tribal Council in the June 5, 2021, general election of the Cherokee Nation. A Cherokee Nation news release stated that Cookson’s election fraud occurred between January and April 2021. Cookson “allegedly prepared, altered and signed more

Woman Charged With Falsifying Over A Dozen Mail-In Ballots.

A campaign volunteer for a Cherokee Nation election in Oklahoma was charged with mail-in ballot fraud. The Cherokee Nation Attorney General’s filed one charge of election fraud and one charge of false personation against Lisa Cookson, a volunteer for a Tribal Council candidate in District Two, on May 3rd. Cookson is charged with “fraudulently filling out and signing absentee ballot request forms without the knowledge or consent of voters,” and while the investigation is ongoing, over 15 fraudulent ballots have already been identified. According to the tribe’s Attorney General Sara Hill, “the Cherokee Nation takes these charges very seriously.” “It is

BLM Rioters Invaded The Oklahoma Capitol. No One Is Being Accused of Insurrection.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors invaded the Oklahoma Capitol while the state House of Representatives was in session. They were, ostensibly, rioting against new Republican-authored bills protecting law enforcement and victims of violent riots. The protestors, chanting “Black Lives Matter”, filled a fifth floor gallery and disrupted the Oklahoma House of Representatives session being conducted in the chamber below. The House was forced into lockdown due to the disturbance. To date, no one in the media has accused the BLM rioters of being “violent insurrectionists,” in stark contrast to a handful of rioters – from a group of hundreds of

Did Oklahoma Really Outlaw Sharing a Hamburger?

This article is part of a series focusing on Lens of Liberty, a project of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation. If you’re anything like me, you love good food. My family owns a pizza restaurant — I worked there for almost 15 years — and it allowed me to get creative with cooking. Through tons of experimentation, I’ve created some unlikely delicious meals — pineapple, pepperoni, jalapeno, and bacon pizza to name just one. But all that experimentation had some unintended side effects — weight gain included. So rather than adjust how much I experiment with cooking, I instead adjusted