KASSAM for Newsweek: Truckers of the World, Unite!

If the prime minister of a North African or Middle Eastern nation was forced into hiding by a protest occupying his capital city, Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton would materialize from thin air to call for U.S.-backed regime change. “Government Loses Popular Support,” newspaper headlines would blare, amid calls for sanctions, State Department-NGO initiatives and the inevitable “nation-building” exercises. Justin Trudeau can rest easy, however. No such song and dance routine is in store for America’s northerly neighbor despite thousands of protesting truckers in Ottawa sending the prime minister underground. While imagining intervention in America’s northerly neighbor rightly seems risible, it

CORTES: Republic… or Oligarchy?

At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, when asked what kind of government the Framers had created for our new nation, Benjamin Franklin reportedly responded: “a republic, if you can keep it.” Like the other Founding Fathers, Franklin understood deeply how representative government, like the Roman Republic, could devolve into oligarchy and eventual dictatorship. Accordingly, the American Constitution endeavored to channel the best practices of self-government from the Classical world while avoiding a similar subsequent fate. This coming week in America may well determine the “if you can keep it” part. The most powerful interests in