What Does Flying the Rainbow Flag Say About Us?

Remember after September 11th when we all flew American flags in solidarity? Those flags stayed up for months. And after the terrorist attack in Paris, we all rushed to display French flags on our Facebook profiles. Again, to show solidarity. We did the same thing after the terrorist attack in Belgium. We all stood united against terror and against evil. It was beautiful. After Orlando, some of us put up rainbow flags, some of us expressed sympathy in other ways, and some of us did nothing. We certainly didn’t put up American flags. We didn’t identify this as an attack

Orlando Should Not Be an Occasion to Score Political Points

It began so quickly. Last night I posted a quick note of horror on Facebook and Twitter about the mass murders in a gay bar in Orlando and offered prayers. It felt inadequate. Naturally. By the morning we had resumed not just on my Facebook page the usual disputes: Am I responsible for the murders because I don’t believe in gay marriage? Or in gun control? Jihad-denying! Hate provokes hate and self-defense. It was a press release from an old friend of mine in the gay-marriage wars that called me back to sanity and decency. John Stemberger is heroically responsible