Dear Congress: Parents Don’t Need the Government’s Help to Raise Their Children

The progressives in the federal government are very good at “not letting a crisis go to waste,” especially in relation to the disastrous government-created crisis of single-parent families. After subsidizing illegitimacy since the 1960s, 40 percent of families in the U.S. are headed by single parents. So what is the Left’s solution? Instead of reversing those catastrophic policies by promoting two-parent family formation as welfare programs are reformed, they are sending government agents into homes to tell parents how to raise their children according to government standards. And while they are at it, they are collecting all sorts of data

Technology in Schools: A Blessing or a Curse?

This article was originally posted at The American Spectator. Of the propaganda that generally swirls around public education, none is more prominent than the claim that technological “personalized learning” can transform learning. Ed-tech companies trumpet how “innovative” and “engaging” their products are, perfect for efficiently training the 21st-century drones needed by the global economy. Buy our digital devices for your students, they urge, and we’ll throw in the apps for free! Act now! Don’t be left behind! Not so fast. University of Colorado researchers recently released a report analyzing the myriad problems with “personalized learning” schemes. Every legislator, education professional, and parent should

New Fla. Law Lets Parents Challenge Objectionable School Content

This article was originally posted at The Heartland Institute. A new Florida law empowers residents to contest objectionable public school curriculum materials in open public hearings. House Bill 989 “authorizes a parent or a county resident to object to the use of a specific instructional material and requires the process provide the parent or resident the opportunity to proffer evidence to the district school board that such material does not meet the state criteria or contains prohibited content, or is otherwise inappropriate or unsuitable for the grade level and age group for which the material is used,” the Florida Department of

The Department of Education Is Ruining US Schools. It’s Time to End It.

There is a bill awaiting the 115th United States Congress, H.R. 899, which calls for an end to our dreadful U.S. Department of Education. The elegant simplicity of this bill is obvious. H.R. 899 is stated in its entirety as: “The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018.” If brevity is indeed the soul of wit, then this is amongst the wittiest of bills. H.R. 899 is a bill whose condition is devoutly to be wished, for the constitutionality of the Department of Education is more than just a little questionable; it is unconstitutional by definition. A vital

Beyond Bathrooms: Why Transgender Battles Could Soon Impact Every Family

As it becomes clearer every day, Americans are sharply divided on how best to handle questions of children and gender identity. For better or worse, however, American parents are currently allowed (and even encouraged) to raise their kids as the opposite gender, and reports suggest many are doing so. But should these parents have the right to force other parents in their community to raise their own kids to question their biological sex? Should they have the right to impose their own transgender ideology on other families? This is the question at stake in a lawsuit filed last week by

Mother Denied Parental Rights over Transgender Teen Appeals Court Ruling

Last month, I described the bizarre and dangerous Minnesota federal court decision that “emancipated” a minor child from his mother, thereby denying her inherent parental right to direct the academic, medical, and other aspects of the care and upbringing of her own son — all without any of the due process normally involved in such situations. Astonishingly, the court dismissed the case of this mother, Anmarie Calgaro, without even referencing or commenting on the Minnesota statute in question. This terrible law terminates these bedrock parental rights merely on the desire of a minor, without regard to age, if the minor

Federal Court Upholds Child’s “Emancipation” from Mother by State Agencies

The State of Minnesota is rapidly earning the dubious distinction of leading the nation in the destruction of parental rights and autonomy. A federal district court judge just dismissed a mother’s lawsuit, essentially upholding Minnesota’s very harmful and unconstitutional “emancipation statute” that allows minor children — with the aid of outside groups — to leave their families whenever there is conflict, as long as the child is living independently and can support himself or herself. This removes parents from decision-making or receiving information about their child’s schooling, medical care, or emotional health, and it is all done without a court

Psychotherapy Without Parental Consent?

Four Colorado state legislators have introduced a bill that would lower the state’s age of consent for outpatient psychotherapy from 15 to 10 years of age. State Representatives Dafna Michaelson Jenet (D-HD 30) and Lois Landgraf (R-HD 21) along with State Senators Steve Fenberg (D-SD 18) and Don Coram (R-SD 6) are sponsors of HB17-1320. The bill’s description reads: The bill lowers the age of consent from 15 years of age and older to 10 years of age and older for a minor to seek and obtain outpatient psychotherapy services from a licensed mental health professional. The bill allows a