Pa. GOP Candidates Wagner, Ellsworth Tout Support for Transgender Bathroom Bill

In the race for Pennsylvania governor, two Republicans — state Senator Scott Wagner and lawyer Laura Ellsworth — have endorsed legislation that would allow boys to use girls’ locker rooms, showers, bathrooms, and other public facilities where privacy is expected. The only candidate who has publicly opposed such legislation in this race is Army veteran Paul Mango. Both Wagner and Ellsworth have been criticized for supporting this legislation. Their challenger, Mango, has attacked the legislation and has even run campaign ads against it. In a March debate, Mango criticized Wagner for supporting the legislation: “One thing I will not do

New Poll: Crucial Penn. GOP Primary Race a Virtual Dead Heat

With midterm primary battles now heating up nationwide, one race conservatives should pay close attention to is in Pennsylvania, where three Republicans are vying to take on the incumbent Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf. The vote seems likely to be a close one. According to a recent poll of 800 GOP likely voters in Pennsylvania released by American Principles Project (the parent organization of The National Pulse), the two front runners — Scott Wagner and Paul Mango — are running neck and neck with a high number of voters still undecided: If the Republican Primary Election for Governor was held today between