Keep Up the Great Work, Parents! The Educrats Are Starting to Listen

In a rare case for the “Maybe They are Starting to Listen” file, a commissioner on the Commission for Evidence-based Policymaking (CEP) admitted “there’s a lot of passion around student privacy.” Education Week quoted Commissioner Shelly Wilkie Martinez, CEP’s executive director, in a recent article about the potential recommendations for their report coming out in September: It’s been months of digging in a field full of landmines. For example, Martinez said that the week after many researchers and postsecondary education groups argued to end a ban on federal “student unit data systems” which would track individual students’ data from K-12 schooling through

One Congressman Wants More Federal Data Mining — But Parents Aren’t Fooled

A national coalition of grassroots parent and citizen groups — including the American Principles Project, Education Liberty Watch, and Eagle Forum, as well as 72 state and local organizations from 33 states — recently sent a letter to the U.S. House Education and Workforce Committee on the issue of student data privacy. The letter expressed some significant concerns with what took place at the committee’s June 28th hearing: The attitude persists that the government is entitled to all manner of student data on American citizens that should follow them from cradle to grave. Legitimate student-privacy concerns only received lip service. There