LGBT Activists Try to Hijack Proposal to Simplify GOP Platform

In Cleveland, some delegates on the Republican Party’s platform committee reported that a pro-LGBT group tried to hijack a proposal to return the party to conservative principles. Boyd Matheson, former chief of staff to Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), has worked closely with conservative intellectuals like Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn and historian David Barton to draft and advocate a platform for the GOP that aims to restate the basic principles of conservatism. However, The American Unity Fund, a group bankrolled by billionaire LGBT activists like Paul Singer, tried hijacking this proposal and using it for their own agenda. “It’s one

There’s a Big GOP Convention Fight Brewing — And It Doesn’t Involve Trump

The debate over who will be the GOP presidential nominee is not the only battle Republicans will face at their national convention this summer. A divisive fight is developing on whether or not to include the issue of gay marriage on the official party platform in 2016. The issue of gay marriage has been a contentious one in 2016, and it is now an issue that splits the business and evangelical wings of the Republican Party. This fact has never been more evident, as behind the scenes top GOP donors are raising money and support to remove the issue of gay marriage from

Memo to Paul Singer: Let Rubio Step Aside

Donald Trump had a ‘yuge’ night last night — winning three out of four states. Ted Cruz cemented his position as number two — the only Trump alternative in the race. And the Marco Rubio dream died a little more. Trump used his Mississippi and Michigan victories to brilliantly command a solid hour of free television time. All three cable news networks could not look away as the winning candidate sold steaks, talked about unifying the party, thanked “little Marco” for helping him beat back “lying Ted,” shamed a male reporter who rebuked his language, and announced he, Donald J.

Why Does the GOP Establishment Hate Cruz?

David Brooks has thoughtfully just published a piece in which he lays down the case that Ted Cruz is just as bad as Donald Trump for the GOP. It’s a thin case summed up in these two paragraphs: Ted Cruz would be a terrible general election candidate, at least as unelectable as Donald Trump and maybe more so. He is the single most conservative Republican in Congress, far adrift from the American mainstream. He’s been doing well in primaries because of the support of “extremely conservative” voters in very conservative states, and he really hasn’t broken out of that lane. His

Rubio-Backer Funding Major Effort to Revoke Support for Marriage in GOP Platform

A powerfully funded pro-gay marriage movement is organizing within the Republican Party to take support for our classic understanding of marriage out of the Republican Party platform, reports the Washington Blade, a leading gay newspaper. The group Platform Reform is a campaign that originally grew out of Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry but is now a project of the American Unity Fund, a Republican group dedicated to changing the GOP’s stance on marriage and other gay issues. The money behind the push? It comes from Paul Singer, hedge fund CEO and one of the biggest Republican backers of

Rubio Tries to Quell Social Conservative Fears (VIDEO)

Speaking at a meeting with pastors last week in Iowa, Senator Marco Rubio was asked about his relationship to mega-donor — and same-sex marriage supporter — Paul Singer and whether socially conservative voters could trust Rubio to hold firm on life, marriage, and religious liberty.  You can watch and read Rubio’s response below, courtesy of “The Brody File” and CBN News: PASTOR: What gives me pause is a guy like Paul Singer who has endorsed you. We’ve heard Donald Trump say, ‘well, when I give them money, they do what I say.’ How do we know — as an evangelical who’s deeply

Rubio Donor and New Campaign Appointee Stand in Separate Camps

When one of the GOP’s top donors came out with his endorsement for the Republican nomination, criticisms came flying in not only from Donald Trump (which was to be expected) but from many others within the party. Marco Rubio’s strong stance on traditional marriage and the family just doesn’t quite mesh with multi-billionaire Paul Singer’s huge financial push to influence the GOP’s acceptance of gay marriage.  For example, in the 2014 congressional elections, he donated $10.6 million to several super PACs with a third of the money going to American Unity PAC, a group that supports Republican proponents of same-sex