I Come to Bury Cruz, Not to Praise Him

“Friends, Republicans, Pulse readers, lend me your ears; “I come to bury Cruz, not to praise him.” Last night, Donald Trump won everywhere. The margins were absolutely staggering: 29 points in Connecticut. 31 points in Maryland. 35 points in Pennsylvania. 39 points in Rhode Island. 40 points in Delaware. He didn’t finish below 55 percent in a single state. These are not margins that can be explained away by geography or demographics. These margins are a symptom of a campaign that has now concluded. Delegates Trump won 109 of 118 pledged delegates available last night, not counting Pennsylvania’s 54 unpledged

Trump Isn’t Wrong When He Says Process Is “Rigged”

By nearly every metric, Donald Trump is expected to win big tonight in Pennsylvania. With 71 delegates up for grabs, one would think that Trump would win a vast majority of the delegates — 40, 50, maybe even 60 delegates. But that will not be the case. When Trump wins Pennsylvania tonight — and he is leading by 20-plus points in all the polls — he will be guaranteed just 17 delegates. The remaining 54 delegates are elected by congressional district, which sounds reasonable on the surface, but there’s a catch — the delegates that appear on the ballot are not required to announce who they will support at

Donald Trump Wins New York. What Now?

Last night, Donald Trump won New York in emphatic fashion. Not only did he win with more than 60 percent of the vote, but according to current results, he managed to win 90 of 95 delegates in the state, exceeding even the most optimistic of expectations. John Kasich won the other 5 delegates, and Ted Cruz won zero. After several bad nights in a row, Trump is back to being a winner. So will New York help him get to the magic number of 1,237 delegates? Here’s where we stand currently: Pre-New York Delegate Count (via RealClearPolitics): Donald Trump: 756 Ted

Cruz Collapses on the Eastern Seaboard

Just over a month ago in the first week of March, Donald Trump was at just 34 percent in the state of Maryland, while Ted Cruz was in striking distance in second with 25 percent and John Kasich had 18 percent. Fast forward to the latest Monmouth poll in Maryland, which has Trump commanding 47 percent of the vote, with Kasich second at 27 percent and Cruz fading to just 19 percent. Maryland is not the only state where this is happening: in mid-March, a Franklin and Marshall Pennsylvania poll had Trump with just a third of the vote, 3 points

Can Trump Still Avoid a Contested Convention?

After Donald Trump’s recent losses in Wisconsin and Colorado, there has been increasing talk of a contested GOP convention in Cleveland and how such a scenario would play out. However, such talk is still premature. Trump still has a difficult, but not impossible, road to reach the 1,237 delegates necessary to win on the convention’s first ballot. As Jon pointed out earlier, a big win in the New York primary next Tuesday (which is looking quite possible) would greatly improve those odds. Once voting concludes in the Empire State, the race then moves to a handful of east coast states

A Cruz Crash in Pennsylvania?

The latest Fox News poll shows a big gain for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, to 48 percent support, but perhaps most worrisome of all is a big slump for Ted Cruz, who has dropped to 20 percent from around 30 percent. Electorally, the Cruz campaign is moving in the opposite direction from where it needs to be, perhaps a response by voters to his campaign’s competent success in denying Trump delegates, which is perceived (not without justice) as circumventing the will of the people. Cruz and the entire Republican Party’s biggest problem, however, remains the lack of a clear, coherent, and persuasive economic message: an explanation for why Main

My Prediction: Trump Won’t Break 1,000 Delegates

Donald Trump is headed to victory in New York, but the question is: can he can break the 50 percent barrier? I think not because lately he’s been underperforming his polls. But looking ahead, things start to get really tough for Trump, who continues to face massive resistance for a front runner and who has refused to invest in an actual campaign infrastructure to fight for delegates. Two polls show Trump ahead in California and Maryland (by 7 and 10 points, respectively), but Trump is polling at only 39 percent in California and 40 percent in Maryland. Meanwhile, the rich delegate pile

New Polls: Cruz Surging in Wisconsin, Trump Trouncing in N.Y. and Pennsylvania

The latest poll shows Ted Cruz is up by 6 points in Wisconsin, a winner-take-all primary on Tuesday. And Donald Trump’s terribly bad week — attacking Heidi Cruz, wriggling around on abortion, attacking Scott Walker for balancing the budget without raising taxes, and assorted policy missteps — appears to be hurting him in a national poll. For the first time in a month, Trump dipped below 40 percent of GOP voters, down to 38 percent in the latest Investor’s Business Daily poll, just 7 points ahead of Cruz. But there was some good news for Trump in the northeast. He is close