I Come to Bury Cruz, Not to Praise Him

“Friends, Republicans, Pulse readers, lend me your ears; “I come to bury Cruz, not to praise him.” Last night, Donald Trump won everywhere. The margins were absolutely staggering: 29 points in Connecticut. 31 points in Maryland. 35 points in Pennsylvania. 39 points


Donald Trump Wins New York. What Now?

Last night, Donald Trump won New York in emphatic fashion. Not only did he win with more than 60 percent of the vote, but according to current results, he managed to win 90 of 95 delegates in the state, exceeding even the most


Can Trump Still Avoid a Contested Convention?

After Donald Trump’s recent losses in Wisconsin and Colorado, there has been increasing talk of a contested GOP convention in Cleveland and how such a scenario would play out. However, such talk is still premature. Trump still has a difficult, but not


A Cruz Crash in Pennsylvania?

The latest Fox News poll shows a big gain for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, to 48 percent support, but perhaps most worrisome of all is a big slump for Ted Cruz, who has dropped to 20 percent from around 30 percent. Electorally, the Cruz campaign is