Chinese Communist Party Spox Admits ‘Wildly Plagiarizing’ from Western Nations.

A Chinese Communist Party-linked businessman and professor bragged about how the regime “copied its way to the world’s front row” in an unearthed speech. Zang Qichao, a marketing expert and visiting professor at Xi Jinping’s alma mater, Tsinghua University, told a group of Chinese entrepreneurs that this plagiarism has allowed the regime to take a more aggressive approach to dealing with the U.S. “We plagiarized wildly, copied wildly,” Zang admitted. “What intellectual property rights? What patented technology? We’ll get it first and deal with it later,” he added. After four decades, the Chinese Communist Party has “learned everything, and can

Joe Biden Cannot Stop Lying.

Joe Biden cannot stop lying. Younger readers and many journalists don’t remember, but in 1987 then-Senator Biden was the front-runner for the Democratic presidential primary. The New York Times described him as “the hot property of the Democratic field, a meteor in a sky of slow-moving planets.” Biden moved crowds with powerful speeches about his humble beginnings in Scranton, Pennsylvania and his upward journey through local politics all the way to the United States Senate. But Biden’s campaign used speeches by British Labour Leader Neil Kinnock as models for their own candidate. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but