Can Republicans Pull Off a Millennial Comeback?

Before the start of this month, the prevailing narrative in the media (even among many conservative commentators) was that the millennial generation was an army of socialists-in-training. Pundits pointed to the rise of Bernie Sanders as evidence that millennials detested capitalism and would bring our economy to ruin if ever empowered. I attacked this “Communist Millennials” hypothesis here and here, arguing instead that millennials are actually radically pro-free market. And now, new polling data shows just how overblown these McCarthy-esque fears were. The Republican Party has significantly closed its “millennial gap” with Democrats — and they are currently locked in a

Is a “Blue Wave” Coming in 2018? Not According to These Numbers…

This article was originally posted at The Hill. Over the past several months, political pundits and media elites alike have decided we are headed toward a “blue wave” in this year’s midterm elections. This narrative is spoken as if it is an absolute certainty, reminiscent of the “Hillary Clinton is unbeatable” conventional wisdom in 2016 — and we all know how that turned out. The reality on the ground is that the fundamentals are not nearly as good for the Democrats as many in the media would have you believe. President Trump’s favorability numbers are higher than they were at any point during the

New Poll Shows Ted Cruz in Danger of Defeat — But Should Republicans Panic?

A poll was released earlier this week that provided a little bit of a shock for Republicans: according to Quinnipiac, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) holds only a 3-point lead over Democrat challenger Beto O’Rourke. The release of the poll immediately caused some panic on the Right as well as some frothing at the mouth on the Left (and among liberal Republicans who loathe Cruz for actually trying to hold them to conservative principles). O’Rourke is a darling of progressives as a young-ish, far-left, attractive face who can raise millions of dollars. They’re hoping that toppling a stalwart like Cruz will finally make

New Poll: Crucial Penn. GOP Primary Race a Virtual Dead Heat

With midterm primary battles now heating up nationwide, one race conservatives should pay close attention to is in Pennsylvania, where three Republicans are vying to take on the incumbent Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf. The vote seems likely to be a close one. According to a recent poll of 800 GOP likely voters in Pennsylvania released by American Principles Project (the parent organization of The National Pulse), the two front runners — Scott Wagner and Paul Mango — are running neck and neck with a high number of voters still undecided: If the Republican Primary Election for Governor was held today between

Will Democrats’ Abortion Extremism Undermine Their 2018 Chances?

This article was originally posted at The Stream. Dems are chortling with glee about the election on Tuesday night: They snatched another victory in deep red territory. Trump won Pennsylvania 18th congressional district by 20 points. On Tuesday, the Democrat Conor Lamb eked out a win over GOP’s Rick Saccone. Dems are smacking their lips: They see a Democratic wave in November, and they may be right. But Democrats beware: your short-term special election victories are leading you into a huge political trap. Abortion Extremism This week’s win follows the surprise victory of Democrat Doug Jones over Judge Roy Moore in

This Tweet Perfectly Explains Why Millennials Are Fed Up with Politics

In today’s Washington Examiner, Paul Bedard discusses a fascinating new Harvard study on the political attitudes of the Millennial generation. For me, a Millennial, Harvard’s research amounts to the single-most revealing study ever undertaken on our generation. Tragically, the Washington Examiner‘s headline — “Millennials now biggest voting group in U.S., 2-1 Democratic” — buried the most enlightening findings of this research. While the headline suggests that Millennials are joined at the hip with the Democratic Party, the data reveals not only that this generation can be won over, but also that the secret to doing so is hiding in plain

Poll Shows Americans Would Deny Free Speech to Opponents — And That’s a Problem

This article is part of a series focusing on Lens of Liberty, a project of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation. In her Liberty Minute titled “Do as I Say Not as I Do,” Helen Krieble speaks about fairness and how it should be upheld across the board by the law: I love watching an eagle soar overhead, and I remember all too well when they were almost all gone. So we now have laws protecting them. I find it odd that the government has decided to allow them to be killed by wind generators while others are fined and even

NEW POLL: Transgender Issues Are Toxic for Democrats

American Principles Project released a new poll this week showing that issues surrounding the transgender phenomenon are “toxic” for Democrats, especially when they involve children. The poll, conducted last week by Revily, Inc., surveyed 341 likely voters in the Virginia 13th District House of Delegates race between incumbent Republican Del. Bob Marshall and Democrat Danica Roem, a transgender activist. The poll, which was not a “push poll” as Roem falsely claimed to the media, specifically did not mention Roem’s “gender identity” and asked voters for their preferred candidate prior to asking about specific issues. The results were very revealing: Q5.) “On

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