The Late-Term Abortion Ban Will Have Trouble in the Senate — But It Shouldn’t

The U.S. House passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act by a vote of 237 to 187 on Tuesday afternoon. The bill if passed into law would ban abortions after 20 weeks except to save the life of the mother or in cases of rape and incest. This bill was also passed by the House in 2015 but failed to get cloture in the Senate. On Thursday morning, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) introduced the Senate version of the bill, which seems likely to fail again even with a Republican majority in the Senate. This should not be the case, but

Is the Democrats’ Anti-Trump Campaign Backfiring in Virginia?

The closely-watched race for governor in Virginia is heating up — with good signs for Republicans. Virginia is one of two states that has elections every year, and its gubernatorial elections are always the year after presidential elections, so they are viewed as important bellwethers for how the president is doing. This year, all indications are that it’s a dead heat — which is actually a good sign for Republican nominee Ed Gillespie. Let me explain. Virginia has turned from a red state to a purple or light blue state in the last 10 years, driven by growth of the liberal Washington,

Trump’s Approval Rating Plunges: Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter

According to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll, President Trump’s approval rating has dropped in the wake of the Charlottesville controversy and hit a new low during the first year of his presidency. Thirty-nine percent of voters approve of the President’s job performance, while 56 percent disapprove. Much of this can be attributed to a slight decline in approval from Republican voters, with just 73 percent of Republicans expressing approval, down from 81 percent a week earlier. This dip should come as no surprise after the mainstream media spent more than a week spreading #FakeNews about President Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville.

POLL: Support for Charter Schools Plummets Nationwide — As It Should

The annual Education Next poll on education issues came out last week, and there was a very surprising finding regarding charter schools. After nearly ten years of very stable support with a high of 72 percent in 2012, support has plummeted in the general public, as well as in both major political parties and among minority groups. It was the largest change in support of any item that was polled. Here is the poll description and their graphic: 39% of respondents say they support “the formation of charter schools,” which is down steeply from 51% in 2016, but still a

These 2 Moves by President Trump Show Exactly Why Voters Elected Him

From the moment he launched his presidential campaign two summers ago, Donald Trump has been a magnet for bad press. It started with those infamous lines on immigration from his announcement speech: “When Mexico sends their people, they’re not sending their best…”  Those comments earned Trump a tsunami of negative media attention as well as seemingly endless criticism from political leaders, both Democrats and Republicans. It also marked the beginning of Trump’s meteoric rise in the polls, eventually culminating in victory the following year. If Donald Trump’s unprecedented success proves one thing, it’s that the American people are growing tired

POLL: Approval of Polygamy Surges to New High — Because of a TV Show?

In the same way that shows like Modern Family, Glee, and The New Normal played a role in swaying public opinion towards supporting same-sex marriage, the TLC show Sister Wives may be partially responsible for Americans’ increasing acceptance of polygamy. A new Gallup poll conducted from May 3-7 found that moral acceptance of polygamy rose by 3 percentage points during this past year alone, reaching a record high of 17 percent. Among the non-religious group of people surveyed, that statistic is nearly doubled, with roughly one out of every three (32 percent) thinking it is perfectly fine if a person

WATCH: Millennials Love Socialism… But Have No Clue What It Is

In a video recently released by Campus Reform, reporters hit the streets of Washington, D.C., with two questions to ask millennials they encountered: “Do you like socialism?” and “What is socialism?” The replies they received were startling: Person after person shared their support for socialism in the United States. One student stated, “I think people throw that word around to try and scare you, but if helping people is socialism, than I’m for it.” Many commented that they thought creating a system of equal wealth was a positive thing, with one respondent even stating that it should be the “standard.”

POLL: 48 Percent of Americans Believe Abortion Is Morally Wrong

A Gallup poll released yesterday analyzing data from the past four years shows that nearly half of Americans, many of whom think abortion should be legal at least in some cases, nevertheless believe that abortion is morally wrong. The poll also found the same phenomenon on a number of other controversial issues, with many respondents believing certain activities, though immoral, should not be illegal: Americans are often more likely to view behaviors as morally wrong than they are to advocate that these behaviors be made illegal. This underscores a general tendency for Americans to hesitate before deciding that banning an

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