Poll Shows Walker Widening Lead in N.H.

A recent PPP poll of 358 New Hampshire GOP primary voters showed Scott Walker has improved his position in the field from the last NH poll, a Boston Herald poll I had covered previously. Walker now has 24 percent of the vote, up from 15 percent in the last poll. Additionally, Bush has fallen from 15 percent to 10 percent in the recent poll, which moves him from being tied for first place with Walker to fourth place, behind Walker, Cruz and Paul. The full results were as follows: Scott Walker: 24% Ted Cruz: 14% Rand Paul: 12% Jeb Bush:

New South Carolina Poll Puts Walker Ahead

Winthrop University recently released a poll of 956 likely primary voters. The poll put Scott Walker slightly ahead of Jeb Bush but showed that 25 percent of respondents were still undecided. The full results were as follows: Not Sure: 25% Scott Walker: 14% Jeb Bush: 13% Ted Cruz: 8% Lindsey Graham: 8% Rand Paul: 6% Chris Christie: 5% Ben Carson: 5% Marco Rubio: 4% Donald Trump: 2% Rick Perry: 2% Bobby Jindal: 1% Bush and Walker have both seen their numbers drop from the previous South Carolina poll, a Gravis Marketing poll that Maggie covered last month. Joshua Pinho works for

Scott Walker’s Gender Gap

Josh, the most interesting thing to me in these early polls is not that Scott Walker appeals to Tea Party conservatives—that makes sense.  It is that he has the largest gender gap in the GOP field at this point.  Perhaps it is just because he is less well known.  But I suspect something different: The GOP base among women includes a lot of women like me for whom life, marriage, and protection from the new hatred against traditional Christian believers is very important.  Walker’s decision to be relatively silent on these issues may be hurting him with women. Maggie Gallagher

Scott Walker’s Early Support Base

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Craig Gilbert reported on Scott Walker’s results in several polls. Among self-identified conservatives: In a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, Walker does twice as well with conservative Republicans as he does with moderate-to-liberal Republicans. In a national survey by Monmouth University, Walker’s favorability rating was 63% among “very conservative” Republicans, 41% among “somewhat conservative” Republicans and 32% among moderate to liberal Republicans (with large percentages having no opinion). In a survey by Public Policy Polling, Walker’s favorability rating was 80% among tea party supporters and 46% among those who don’t support the tea party. In a McClatchy-Marist poll, Walker had the support

New Q Swing State Poll: GOP Rising in CO, IA as Clinton Fades

What a difference a month of email makes. Ever since the New York Times revealed on March 2 that Hillary Clinton used a personal email account to conduct official State Department business, and it was subsequently discovered she kept a private email server at home and deleted emails from that server, her swing state approval ratings have wobbled decidedly. A Quinnipiac poll released yesterday shows just how much. If you hold a balloon on one end and squeeze it, you’ll get a picture of what Hillary’s email controversy has done to her anticipated candidacy. It’s flattening her against most Republicans in Colorado

Cruz Surges in Latest National Poll

Public Policy Polling recently released a poll of 443 likely Republican voters nationwide. The poll showed a rise in Cruz’s numbers to 16 percent from the 5 percent he had in the last PPP poll. Since the previous poll, Cruz has officially announced his candidacy, and it seems as though his announcement gave his numbers a boost. The new poll places Cruz in the top tier of candidates along with Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. The full results of the poll were as follows: Scott Walker, 20% Jeb Bush, 17% Ted Cruz, 16% Rand Paul, 10% Ben Carson, 10% Not

N.H. Poll: 81 Percent of GOP Voters “Could Change Mind”

The Boston Herald released a poll this week of 429 likely New Hampshire Republican voters revealing that 81 percent of those surveyed said they hadn’t firmly committed to a candidate.  Bush and Walker are tied for the lead with Rand Paul close behind and Christie (tied with unsure) only 5 points back.  Cruz’s burst of publicity with his announcement may have moved him up almost to double digits (9 percent).  Below are the full results: Jeb Bush, 15% of support, 79% could change their mind Scott Walker, 15% of support, 77% could change their mind Rand Paul, 13% of support, 78% could change their

New Florida Poll Shows a Drop in Walker’s Numbers

In a Saint Leo University poll of Florida voters, released today, Scott Walker registered 10 percent support, which is significant drop from the 17 percent he had in the PPP poll that I covered earlier this week.  In that PPP poll, Walker was in second place between Bush and Rubio, and this seven point discrepancy puts Walker behind Rubio in this poll. The full results were as follows: Jeb Bush: 31% Marco Rubio: 16% Scott Walker: 10% Ben Carson: 9% Rand Paul: 7% Unsure: 6% Chris Christie: 5% Ted Cruz: 4% Rick Perry: 4% Mike Huckabee: 4% Bobby Jindal: 1% Bob