Just 17 Percent of Americans Favor Common Core

A new Farleigh Dickinson poll shows that more Americans disapprove of the Common Core than approve, 40 percent to 17 percent (with the rest uncertain). Just 9 percent of Republicans approve of the Common Core. An issue that was nonexistent in 2012 is emerging as a major campaign issue in 2016. Maggie Gallagher is the editor of ThePulse2016.com.

Earth to WSJ: Common Core a Big Problem for Bush

Over at The Wall Street Journal‘s Washington Wire, Janet Hook writes a naive column suggesting the NBC/Marist poll of Republican primary voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and New Jersey is not so bad for Jeb Bush. Of course, he may survive it, but 36 percent of Iowa primary voters say support for Common Core is unacceptable to them, as do a whopping 46 percent of primary voters in New Hampshire and South Carolina.  And that is before the campaign has even really begun. Of course, it is early, and we don’t yet know how poll results will translate into voters’

Huckabee Was Top-Tier in 2012, Too

Maggie, remember that Huckabee was top-tier in 2012 as well.  A February 2011 Gallup poll showed Huckabee leading the field with 18 percent, followed by Romney and Palin tied at 16 percent.  Then a few months later, he dropped out. Being one of the leaders doesn’t mean much this early in the race, but when the press tries to frame Bush as the front-runner, it helps to remember that he is now favored by just 14 percent of voters, a drop of 9 percentage points in the latest CNN poll, behind Huckabee to be sure.  And it is also noteworthy that at this

Bush, Huckabee Ahead of GOP Pack

Frank, there may be no front-runner, but take a look at this CBS News Poll which asked Republicans who they would support and who they would definitely not support.  Bush and Huckabee lead the field with 49 percent and 46 percent, respectively. Rubio comes next at 37 percent, with Carson, Perry, Walker and Paul all in the low thirties. The only candidate who is strongly upside down on the support question (more people say they would not support him than say they would) is Chris Christie, with 43 percent saying they would not support him versus 28 percent who say they

There Is No Front-runner

Maggie, while the CNN poll shows Huckabee leading nationally, the more interesting polls were the ones NBC/Marist released a few days earlier in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, key early primary states. While Jeb Bush has been declared the front-runner, these polls confirm he is not as far ahead as he thinks he should be: Huckabee is leading in Iowa; Lindsay Graham is leading in South Carolina; and Scott Walker is hot on Bush’s heels in New Hampshire, the one state where he is leading (Bush is at 18 percent and Walker at 15 percent, with Paul and Christie

Huckabee a Front-runner?

In the latest national CNN poll, Huckabee surges to 17 percent, with Bush second at 12 percent, and Walker and Paul at 11 percent.

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