Hillary Clinton Is Setting Post-Election Records… for Unpopularity

Bloomberg is out with a new shock poll: just 39 percent of Americans view failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton favorably. Meanwhile, according to the same poll, 41 percent of Americans view President Donald Trump favorably. Hillary Clinton is in a league of her own when it comes to failed presidential candidates. Typically, as Gallup explains, failed presidential candidates see a boost in popularity post-election: This was especially true for 2008 runner-up John McCain, who saw an enormous 14-point bump after losing his race against President Obama. But it has not been so true for Hillary Clinton, who has publicly blamed everyone from

New Poll: Gap Widens Between Republicans, Democrats on Abortion

While abortion continues to be a highly polarizing issue, a new report by the Pew Research Center shows that both major political parties are reaching historic levels of consensus amongst themselves on the issue. Overall, the poll found that 57 percent of Americans think abortion should be legal in all or most cases and 40 percent think it should be illegal in all or most cases. Perhaps the most interesting result of the study is that the partisan divide on the issue of abortion has widened considerably in the past two decades. Republicans are becoming increasingly disapproving of abortion, whereas

LGBT Group Plans to Spend $26 Million in 2018 — And Conservatives Are AWOL

Today, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) unveiled a $26 million plan for the 2018 elections. Their new offensive will almost double their current political staff and will focus on the key swing states of Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada. HRC’s goal, according to The Washington Post, is to “[r]eplicate what happened in North Carolina in Senate, House and governor’s races across the nation next year and make the LGBT vote one of the most forceful voting blocs in the progressive movement.” Replicating the Democrats’ playbook in North Carolina will be an extremely effective tactic for HRC, but only

POLL: Are Millennials Turning Against Religious Freedom?

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” reads the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. However, according to a new poll, fewer than half of millennials aged 18-29 said they believe these protections should extend to every religion. The poll, conducted by the Newseum Institute, found that while more than 60 percent of every other age group supported freedom for all religions, only 49 percent of 18-29 year olds did. “It’s … troubling that even people who support the First Amendment in the abstract often dislike it when it’s applied

N.J. Republicans Face Long Odds in Race to Replace Christie

Every four years after the president is elected, there are two major contests that highlight an otherwise barely noticed election cycle: governor’s races in Virginia and New Jersey. Democrats currently lead in both, though their lead in Virginia seems light enough that there is still a decent chance of Republicans pulling out a victory. In New Jersey, however, the outlook is much bleaker for conservatives. There are an array of problems that have led to the current situation. Governor Chris Christie’s popularity has taken a serious hit during his second term in office, and he has lost much of the

NEW POLL: Hillary’s Approval Rating Spells Trouble for Democrats

According to a new Gallup poll, Hillary Clinton is still incredibly unpopular. Via Fox News: It’s been more than seven months since Election Day, but Americans’ opinions of Hillary Clinton remain the same. A new Gallup poll finds just 41 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the former presidential candidate, with 57 percent expressing an unfavorable view. It’s the same split that Gallup found in December 2016. Gallup said that historically, losing presidential candidates have gained popularity after the election. The media, of course, remains obsessed with President Trump’s low approval rating. According to FiveThirtyEight, Trump’s average rating right now is 38.5 percent approval,

Can This Pro-Trump Candidate Pull Off an Upset Tomorrow?

A new poll out in Virginia shows that tomorrow’s gubernatorial primary election may be a lot closer than many originally predicted. Previous polling showed establishment favorite, former RNC chairman and unsuccessful 2014 Senate candidate Ed Gillespie, with a comfortable double digit lead over Prince William County supervisor — and outspoken Trump supporter — Corey Stewart. However, the new poll places Stewart ahead with 42 percent to Gillespie’s 41 percent among Republicans who say they will definitely vote. Stewart’s strength in this poll comes from his energized base and their likelihood to actually make the trip to their polling place. According to

Five Important Takeaways from Gallup’s New Abortion Poll

Gallup released the results of a new poll conducted from May 3-7 which surveyed American’s views on abortion. Here are five key takeaways. 1.) Believing abortion should be allowed under any circumstance is a very unpopular position to hold. Only 29 percent of those surveyed believe abortion should be legal in all circumstances. 2.) Nearly one third of Democrats do not even support a major part of their party’s platform. Seventy-one percent, “a record percentage,” of Democrats identified as pro-choice. However, the reverse of that means that nearly 30 percent of Democrats do not identify as pro-choice and are at odds with

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