The Case for National Populism.

The first six months of 2020 has left America at its most fragile moment in decades: a pandemic, weakened supply chains, race riots, a corrupt media, tens of millions on unemployment, failing institutions, and a broken political class unable to respond to any of these rolling crises reveals America is in desperate need of reform. The neoliberal agenda that our elite class mapped out for the West since the end of the Cold War cannot lead us into the future. Rather than looking for slight reforms that amount to throwing a deck chair over the sinking Titanic, the West should

Bernie Betrayed the Populist Left.

Michael Bloomberg spent $1.2 billion on his four-month presidential campaign. Bloomberg suspended operations on March 4th, after which he promptly endorsed Joe Biden. Some claimed this was his intention all along. Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich characterized the endorsement as follows: “The fact that Bloomberg has thrown his support to Biden should remove any lingering doubts about where the big money is going and what the Democratic establishment wants. And what it doesn’t want – a wealth tax, Medicare for All, and a Green New Deal.” The fact that Bloomberg has thrown his support to Biden should remove any lingering

Populist Wave Continues as Britain’s Conservatives Win Huge Majority

The populist, right-wing wave that has swept the Western world in recent years showed no signs of slowing yesterday as the U.K.’s Conservative Party won a dominant majority of seats in the British Parliament. Elections in the U.K. are very different from U.S. elections. British elections can be called at essentially any time. The prime minister is himself a member of parliament. Parties elect leaders, and whichever party wins a governing majority sees its leader installed as prime minister. A vote for the local MP (member of parliament) is as much a local vote as a national vote for the