WATCH: Trump, Clinton Spar over Abortion in Final Debate

Things got spirited early during last night’s final presidential debate when moderator Chris Wallace asked both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to discuss their views on abortion, the Supreme Court, and Roe v. Wade. Trump reiterated his campaign promise to appoint pro-life justices


No, Trump Didn’t Win the Debate

Deal Hudson earlier this week claimed Donald Trump won his first debate with Hillary Clinton. He said he won because he didn’t self-destruct. We must have been watching two different debates. I think Donald Trump won the first 20 minutes of the


Why Trump Won the Debate

Regardless of the morning headlines, Donald Trump won the debate. Why? Hillary Clinton supporters, including most of the media, were betting on Trump self-destructing in the face of personal barbs thrown at him from Lester Holt and Clinton. Trump, however, didn’t take


Trump’s Knockout Punch Opportunity

In the first of the three presidential debates, only Trump’s handlers scored his performance as better than a draw. Both candidates jabbed and scored some points against the other. Pity that Trump did not launch a haymaker against Hillary’s big glass jaw


Monday Will Be the Campaign’s Next Big Inflection Point

Donald Trump has had a very good six-week stretch. His campaign, led by veteran “pollstress” Kellyanne Conway, has been very impressive and disciplined, and as a result, Trump has all-but-closed the gap to Hillary Clinton. According to RealClearPolitics‘ polling average, Trump trailed