WATCH LIVE: Biden Finally Takes Questions (from Selected Reporters), 65 Days Into His Presidency.

The National Pulse started the “” website to pressure the Biden regime into putting the President up in front of the world’s press. Instead of doing that, they White House has hand selected a group of loyalist reporters to feed pre-prepared questions to the President of the United States. Nevertheless, here’s the livestream of Joe Biden, coming up shortly. After the stream, Raheem Kassam will provide exclusive analysis on The National Pulse podcast which you can find your preferred link to (for free!) right here.

Imagine That Press Conference Was Delivered By Left-Wing Lawyers…

Another day, another unhinged meltdown by news reporters who privately will swear allegiance to the political left, but publicly pretend to be speaking truth to power. In reality, they’re speaking lies to you. Following this evening’s White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing, D.C. reporters showed themselves (again) for the tantrum-throwing toddlers they are at heart. But it was the response to an earlier press event that is worthy of greater analysis, within the context of the past four years. Imagine a leftist lawyer had given the press conference Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, and Joe DiGenova delivered earlier today.


CNN Hits New Low: Refuses to Air Trump Wishing Boris Johnson Speedy Recovery

CNN has hit a new low. The network refused to cover President Trump’s press conference, again, while the leader of the free world wishes allied leader Boris Johnson a speedy recovery after the latter was put in the intensive care unit suffering with the coronavirus. Instead, CNN played pre-packaged clips and interviewed its own staff via Skype while the President spoke of the latest U.S. statistics, plans, and offered his best wishes to Prime Minister Johnson. The only other networks not carrying the press briefing were CNBC, which understandably was taking news about the market movements, and Russia Today –