REVEALED: Iowa Republican Miller-Meeks Said She Is ‘Pro-Choice’

Iowa Republican primary candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks’ declared she was “pro-choice” in 2018, the latest evidence to corroborate her weak record on abortion. It’s further proof that Miller-Meeks’ alleged pro-life stance is mere politicking for votes, clarifying why voters in Iowa can’t trust the three-time congressional race loser to protect the unborn. “I am pro-choice, but it’s a very sensitive issue,” she revealed at a 2018 Ottumwa League of Women Voters candidate forum. The forum centered on if Miller-Meeks or her primary challenger would repeal a bill banning abortions in light of fetal heartbeat detection. “Ultimately as a doctor and a

Abortion Extremists Target… Hurricane Harvey Victims?

Hurricane Harvey has been an absolute tragedy. Not only has there been a tremendous loss of life, but the mass destruction of property and opportunities for the people of Texas has the entire country in mourning. It is at times like this where you see people pull together as one nation, set aside differences, and pitch in for support. Typically, the support offered provides actual help and doesn’t destroy even more life, but major pro-abortion groups want to change that. That’s right — major pro-abortion groups are raising money off Hurricane Harvey for… more abortions. The Lilith Fund, an organization