WATCH: Benham Brothers Discuss Importance of Religious Liberty at RNC

Today in Cleveland, during a pro-life event, “Celebrating Life and Values,” hosted by the Family Research Council and Susan B. Anthony List, I had a chance to catch up with Jason and David Benham. In case you are not familiar with their story, the two brothers were scheduled two years ago to host an HGTV series called “Flip It Forward” — until the left whipped up a controversy over their outspoken Christian beliefs on life and marriage. HGTV subsequently cancelled their show just months before it was set to premiere. You can watch my full interview with them below: [facebook

Day Two at the GOP Convention: A Recap

The second day at the Republican Convention in Cleveland was a bit tamer than the first. However, there were still some exciting moments. The roll call to nominate Donald Trump for President began around 6:00 p.m. Each state and territory was called by the chair, in alphabetical order, to announce their delegate votes. One of the delegates from each state would then give a brief speech, typically touting the strengths of their state, before announcing the vote totals. Some interesting wrinkles: The lead delegate for Florida used his speech to troll Cleveland about NBA star LeBron James winning his first

New GOP Platform: The Good, the Bad, and the Very Concerning

The Republican Platform was released on Monday, the first day of the convention. Much of the K-12 education plank is good; parts are concerning. Here are a few initial impressions. The platform begins with a strong statement of the purpose of education — that true education goes beyond transmission of “knowledge and skills” and encompasses “handing over of a cultural identity.” The platform observes, correctly, that “centralizing forces outside the family and community . . . have done immense damage,” and it states flatly that the strongest centralizing force — the federal government — “should not be a partner in [the

Day One at the GOP Convention: A Recap

The first day of the Republican National Convention was a strong day throughout and finished on a high note. First, the Republican delegates ratified the most conservative party platform in decades. The platform puts the Democrats on defense like never before on critical issues like life, marriage, and religious freedom. It endorsed the First Amendment Defense Act, important legislation that will protect Christian business owners and organizations from government persecution for their sincerely held beliefs on marriage. The platform also went on offense on abortion by advocating for the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, a ban on abortion after

LGBT Activists Try to Hijack Proposal to Simplify GOP Platform

In Cleveland, some delegates on the Republican Party’s platform committee reported that a pro-LGBT group tried to hijack a proposal to return the party to conservative principles. Boyd Matheson, former chief of staff to Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), has worked closely with conservative intellectuals like Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn and historian David Barton to draft and advocate a platform for the GOP that aims to restate the basic principles of conservatism. However, The American Unity Fund, a group bankrolled by billionaire LGBT activists like Paul Singer, tried hijacking this proposal and using it for their own agenda. “It’s one

GOP Platform Recap: Conservatives Stand Strong in Cleveland

The Committee on the Platform for the RNC has finished the final draft of the 2016 platform — to be adopted and voted on by the full convention next week. This current platform is a strong statement of conservative principles that unite the Republican Party together. It is conservative across the board — including on social, fiscal, and national defense issues. It’s also the most pro-life platform that the Republican Party has ever had. Not only did the platform expand on the party’s support of pro-life policies, it also called out the Democratic Party for their extremism on the issue, namely

GOP Platform Debate Ends With Good News for Conservatives

After two days of debate, the Republican Party’s platform committee has approved a draft of the 2016 Republican platform, to be sent to the general convention for approval next week. Social conservatives have been nervously watching the news from Cleveland, hoping the Republican Party platform committee would stay true to principle as it made decisions on LGBT issues important to the conservative agenda. However, despite a well-financed attempt to water down the GOP’s stances on these issues, conservatives will be glad to note the platform committee largely defeated these efforts. Here were some highlights from this week’s debate: Same-sex marriage

Update from Cleveland: The GOP Platform Fight Continues

I have been actively working at the GOP Committee on the Platform for the past three days now. It has been an interesting experience, and it continues to be so as we finish the last plank of the platform. I wanted to give you all some background and a rundown of what’s been going on here in Cleveland: What’s the point of the platform? The GOP platform is a statement of principles that is meant to articulate the Republican vision for the country on matters of public policy. It is broken down into six planks — each of which get their

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