The Swamp Wins Again: New Budget Agreement Explodes Spending

On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a new budget agreement that would explode federal spending by an additional $320 billion over two years in a bipartisan vote. Most disappointingly, the budget deal really amounts to the final nail in the coffin repealing “sequestration” — the hard fought (yet entirely non-draconian) spending restraint won by the the Tea Party during the Obama-era — by kicking the spending caps all the way out to 2028 and 2029 where, the safe money says, they will be ignored again. The deal was reportedly brokered by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Democrats’ Pro-Abortion Arguments Fall Flat in House Hearing

Earlier this week, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing addressing recent pro-life legislation in several states, titled “Threats To Reproductive Rights in America.” In the opening statement, Representative Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) echoed many typical arguments promoting the Left’s status quo on abortion legality, as did Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-Calif.) in his comments. The Republicans, however, had strong retorts on the issue. The intent of the hearings — from the witnesses each side invited, to statements and questions from Committee members — typified the parties’ differing agendas on the issue. Rep. Cohen stated that he aimed to de-stigmatize the

More Democrat Governors Refuse to Stand Against Infanticide

Two swing state Democrat governors have chosen to stand for late-term abortion and infanticide in Easter week. If Republicans are smart, they will hammer them on it. First was North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat who was elected in 2016 by a fraction of a point in a race rife with allegations of voter fraud on his behalf. He vetoed a bill to require life-preserving medical treatment for babies born alive after a failed abortion. The issue has become particularly prevalent after Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s comments that a baby born alive in that situation should be simply “kept

The Wall Is Worth Fighting For

In the past several decades, Democrats have repeatedly walked all over Republicans in virtually every single spending negotiation. With the aid of a willing media, Democrats have successfully pinned blame for any previous shutdown on Republicans, and rather than fight, Republicans have always given in and acquiesced to whatever the Democrats wanted. But not this time. This time, we fight. President Trump has drawn a line in the sand. During the campaign in 2016, he promised he would secure the border and build a wall to stop the flow of illegal immigration. He was right to do this. Democrats have sought to

Obamacare’s Tax-Hike Bomb Will Soon Detonate — Unless Congress Acts Now

Have you received your healthcare premium notice in the mail yet? I did. Next year, I will pay roughly $850 more for the same Obamacare plan that I have this year. No, thankfully, my health has not grown materially worse. In fact, I am near-certain the only expense my insurance company picked up this past year was for a one-time doctor visit to receive cough medicine. Over the next few weeks, I will be searching for a more affordable health insurance option (perhaps one of the new short-term limited duration plans made available by President Trump), since an $850 premium

Jeff Flake Provokes Conservative Anger with Latest Self-Serving Antics

There are legitimate ways for conservatives and Republicans to be critical of Donald Trump. We saw a lot of it during the last presidential primaries, though most on the Right overcame their objections to Trump after he won in 2016. Nevertheless, there are still principled conservative critics like Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) who stand up for Trump when they think he is right and call him out when he’s not. And then there are people like Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). Flake came out swinging against Trump during the primaries and didn’t desist after Trump’s election. Instead, he’s built himself into the anti-Trump

Why Democrats Should Be Terrified of #WalkAway Rally’s Success

Last week, I joined thousands of Americans in attending the #WalkAway march in Washington, D.C. Unless you caught President Trump’s tweet in support of the event, you might be unaware of its enormous success due to the virtual news blackout it received from the mainstream media. Fortunately, after attending the rally, it is abundantly clear to me that the drive-by media will be unable to ignore #WalkAway for long — this movement is definitely “high energy.” If you haven’t heard of #WalkAway, here is some background. According to Calvin Freiburger at LifeSiteNews, the #WalkAway movement is the brainchild of New

Who Will Win the Midterms? Here’s 4 Possible Outcomes

With less than two weeks before Election Day, races all around the country are tightening. The fight over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh provided the boost Republicans needed to close the intensity gap. What once seemed like a certainty — a blue wave — is now up in the air. There are several possible outcomes and exponential ramifications. What’s going to happen in two weeks? Here’s my somewhat useful list of possible outcomes and complete guesses at their odds. Outcome 1: The Blue Wave The media has been beating the “blue wave” drum for months now. According to this narrative,