Breaking: Trump and Kasich Both Ditch Next Debate

Donald Trump was first to announce he was skipping the Utah GOP debate, and John Kasich quickly followed. It has since been announced that the debate will be cancelled due to the defections. Mormonophobia or fear of debating Ted Cruz one-on-one? Either way, I am guessing Utahans won’t be pleased at the disrespect from both candidates. It was just a week and half ago that Trump said he would “love to take on Ted one-on-one. That would be fun.” But hey, Trump’s flexible. Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project and can be followed on Twitter @MaggieGallaghe.

Debate “Fact Checker” Ignores the Real Facts About Common Core

The day after the confirmation of New York Common Core enforcer John King as U.S. Secretary of Education has brought about a flurry of commentary about Common Core and the election. The most parallel-universe analysis comes from Michelle Ye Hee Lee at The Washington Post, who “fact checks” Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and John Kasich on their statements on Common Core during last Thursday’s debate. Lee sets the stage for her mistaken discussion by swallowing whole the Common Core talking points — the national standards were “crafted by a bipartisan group of governors and state school chiefs representing most states,” states and localities

GOP Debate Recap: A Major Missed Opportunity for Candidates on Common Core

As to the discussion of education in last night’s debate, John Kasich demonstrated why he is in last place. For their parts, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump could have hit home runs but instead merely hit doubles. Common Core and the federal role in education have been major topics in the GOP nomination battle. They tie into another driving force in this election cycle—the visceral citizen push back against a political establishment that responds to special interests rather than to the people. Together, these issues have helped propel Trump and Cruz to the top and have relegated the likes of

Cruz Hit 100 Percent Approval with This Debate Answer (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz had a great night last night. Unlike Marco Rubio, he didn’t back down from criticizing Donald Trump, still civilly and on substance as he always has. Nor did Cruz have to resort to practicing his patented yoga tricks on Trump to get him to be quiet and let someone else talk. And according to Frank Luntz, Cruz also had the single best moment of the night, hitting 100 percent approval from focus group conservatives (and 94 percent from moderates) with this promise: There are bureaucrats in Washington right now who are killing jobs, and I tell you I

Kasich Is Not an Advocate for Local Control in Education

Last week during the Fox News GOP Debate in Detroit, Ohio Governor John Kasich painted himself to be an advocate of state and local control of education. Kasich said, “And, frankly, look, if I were president, I’d take 104 federal programs, bundle them into four buckets, and send it to the states, because fixing schools rests at the state and the local level, and particularly at the school board level.” I’ve not seen Kasich’s position on the NCLB reauthorization, but his support for Common Core puts his support of local control in doubt. Michelle Malkin called him on it during

Here Is the Yuuuge Story the Mainstream Media Totally Missed on Last Week’s Debate

The Main Stream Media, addicted to drama, fixated its echo chamber on the personal insults hurled between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio after the Great Debate. Too bad. Something really important there happened. The rest of America may miss it. But not you. Or other Pulse readers. Follow along. The journalists, at last, presented a lot of really good questions about the Number One Issue on the voters’ mind. What’s that? What most of us want to hear about is he economy, and how to jump start it. Most of the candidates gave brief — some rote — answers. Ted

Is the GOP Worth Saving?

Last night’s debate underscores this truth: The GOP is disintegrating. When the front-runner for your party uses the national debate stage to discuss the size of his Anthony Weiner, you have a problem. When that same man affirms that he will order U.S. soldiers to commit the horrifying war crime of deliberately slaughtering the wives, children, and elderly noncombatant relatives of ISIS, you have an even worse problem. The mind boggles. On a more prosaic level, it is also true: When a solid conservative like Ted Cruz emerges as the leading opponent to Trump, and the GOP establishment stubbornly refused

Ted Cruz’s Great Debate Moment

Last night’s debate was somewhat more substantive and not quite as childish as the previous debates, although it had its low moments, too. The one positive takeaway from the night was that everyone, including Donald Trump, reiterated their pledge to support the nominee of the Republican Party. That is a good thing. The main target at the debate was the front-runner. Sometimes it can be strategic for candidates to go after the person in second or third place who may be holding them back or getting in their way. But we are at the point in the race where everyone

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