Democrats Launch New Attacks on Right-to-Work Laws

One of the great accomplishments of the Trump era was the Janus decision — a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling, supported by Trump-appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch, which ruled that non-union public sector workers cannot be forced to pay union fees as a condition of employment. This decision is similar to right-to-work laws which extend these freedoms to most private sector workers as well. To date, 27 states have afforded their residents right-to-work protections. Studies show that families in right-to-work states have, on average, greater after tax income and purchasing power than in non-right-to-work states. Right-to-work states also have lower unemployment rates.

Don’t Mess with Texas: State Recognized as Most Business-Friendly in U.S.

Recently, CNBC announced that Texas came in first place for the network’s “2018 America’s Top States for Business” rankings. As CNBC noted in its announcement, “[t]his is familiar territory for the Lone Star State, which becomes the first four-time winner in our annual study, now in its 12th year… 1 in 7 jobs created in the United States in the past year was created in Texas.” With that sort of economic track record, who wouldn’t want mimic the Lone Star State’s success? Fortunately, ALEC’s latest “Rich States, Poor States” report provides policymakers with a thorough opportunity to “cheat off Texas’s

Let’s Celebrate Next Labor Day by Putting More Money in Workers’ Wallets

Yesterday marked the passage of another Labor Day weekend where workers had to suffer from coercive union dues. As Richard Berman, executive director of the Center for Union Facts, noted in Detroit News: …in the last decade, union leadership has sent more than $1 billion collected without prior permission from member dues to the Democratic Party and liberal special interests — 99 percent of Big Labor’s political advocacy budget. The recipients range from the notorious Clinton Foundation to Planned Parenthood. When 40 percent of union household members vote Republican, you’re looking at a problem best described as immoral. In 2016,