The GOP’s Best Shot in 2016? It Could Be This…

FiveThirtyEight has put together a fantastic summary of how each issue should impact the 2016 campaign. Check it out here. On economics, Ben Casselman writes: Americans remain uneasy about the economy, even if they have become more sanguine in recent years. In a recent Wall Street


Hillary Abandons Income Inequality

Had you tuned in to Hillary Clinton’s hour-long speech on economics yesterday in order to learn the specifics of how she intends to achieve “strong growth, fair growth and long-term growth,” you would be unsatisfied: Throughout the campaign, I’m going to be talking


It’s the Prices, Stupid!

In May, U.S. producers reported their largest price increases in over two years, marking an end for the brief reprieve consumers have enjoyed since late last year.  Food and gas prices are spiking, according to CNBC: Last month, gasoline prices surged 17


Price of Beef Doubles

The price of hamburger increased to a new record, $4.23 a pound, jumping 22 percent in the last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Official inflation remains low.  But five years ago, a pound of ground beef was just $1.96