This Is Why America Is Rejecting the “Salon Left” — And the Democratic Party

This article was originally posted at Newsbusters. Earlier this month, I wrote an op-ed for The Hill where I argued that Republicans should support President Trump and follow his electoral formula, or “die” — i.e., face extinction as a party.  The piece had an obvious target audience — establishment Republicans — with an obvious goal in mind — to get wishy-washy GOP elected officials on board with the President’s agenda. You might expect a critical response from a #NeverTrump conservative like The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol or Conservative Review’s Steve Deace. But instead, a progressive Salon columnist, Chauncey DeVega, took the bait and responded in classic

A Totally Serious Salon Blogger Accidentally (Yet Brilliantly) Satirizes the Left

Last Friday, I wrote a piece for The Hill urging establishment Republicans to resist the impulse to abandon President Trump and instead embrace his agenda. If the Republican Party turns against Trump, I argued, “it would be a death blow to conservative resistance and revival in America.” It’s a simple argument: Trump is in sync with the electorate right now, and establishment Republicans generally aren’t. A rejection of Trump’s winning formula (and his unrelenting attacks on progressivism) by party leaders would be a surefire way to kill the GOP and usher in decades of electoral irrelevancy. It would be the