President Trump’s Superb Speech Ignored One Crucial Issue

President Trump gave a great speech last night. Over and over, he has gone out of his way to prove himself as a man of his word: what he promised during the campaign, he is going to deliver, and for the most part that is what he told the American people in his first address to Congress. But in his non-State of the Union address last night, two words that were a core part of his campaign commitment to the American people were curiously absent: Common Core. Ending Common Core was one of Trump’s earliest and most persistent campaign promises.

New Poll: Common Core Support Takes Another Nosedive

Yesterday, EducationNext released its annual poll tracking opinions on some of the most hot-button issues in education policy, and the results spelled bad news for the educrat establishment. Chief among the poll’s findings was a continued decline in support for the Common Core standards, which dropped eight points from 58 percent approval in 2015 to 50 percent approval this year among all respondents. In the last three years, support for the standards has nosedived an incredible 33 points. Furthermore, the disillusionment with Common Core has become a bipartisan trend, with both Democrats and Republicans showing increasing disfavor with the standards.

Grassroots vs. Establishment Battle Evident in GOP Education Platform

Although present in many other areas of the Republican Party Platform, the struggle between parents/grassroots activists and corporate education reform/data overlords is no more evident than in education. That fight is between parents who are demanding their inherent right to control the educational destinies of their children and the corporate titans, politicians of both parties, and bureaucrats that have imposed Common Core, invasive testing, psychological profiling, and data mining. Grassroots Wins Jane Robbins has already done an excellent job noting many of the same grassroots and parental wins. I heartily agree with her list of wins for our side (a

New GOP Platform: The Good, the Bad, and the Very Concerning

The Republican Platform was released on Monday, the first day of the convention. Much of the K-12 education plank is good; parts are concerning. Here are a few initial impressions. The platform begins with a strong statement of the purpose of education — that true education goes beyond transmission of “knowledge and skills” and encompasses “handing over of a cultural identity.” The platform observes, correctly, that “centralizing forces outside the family and community . . . have done immense damage,” and it states flatly that the strongest centralizing force — the federal government — “should not be a partner in [the

Clinton Doubles Down on Common Core, Faults “Roll-Out” for Problems

Although the progressive education establishment (which includes Republicans such as Sen. Lamar Alexander) insists that the Common Core issue is fading and won’t affect the election, the question of the national standards — with all its ancillary issues — refuses to die. For her part, Hillary Clinton continues to declare her fealty to the idea of uniform national standards. In an interview with Newsday, Clinton reiterated, “[W]hat I want to do, again, just like you were talking about Common Core and to set some standards, we need to have a common set of standards by which we judge all the

School Choice Being Used to Undermine Academic and Religious Freedom?

As Republican candidates for president promote K-12 education reforms, they should reject “school choice” programs that interfere with the academic and religious freedom of participating private schools. Otherwise, parents who dislike what’s happening in public schools, and are given financial assistance to make a different choice, may be limited to private schools that have been forced to adopt Common Core standards or to abandon their religious mission and teachings. That is exactly what is now threatened by pending Georgia legislation known as “Business and Education Succeeding Together,” or BEST. A bit of history: In 2008, Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue signed