The Post-Debate Top Tier

In the polls that have been released post-debate, Trump has maintained his position at the head of the pack. However, more interesting is the surge in support for the other outsider candidates, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. Since the debate, six new polls have been released: one national poll, one New Hampshire poll, three Iowa polls, and a Michigan poll. In those polls, Fiorina and Carson have joined Trump in the top tier. In fact, when the results of all of the polls are averaged together, Carson and Fiorina are second and third, respectively. Both Carson and Fiorina had numbers

A Cigar with Frank Cannon: The Scott Walker Slump (VIDEO)

Frank Cannon is the president of American Principles in Action and a respected conservative political strategist with over 30 years of experience. The absolute must for Scott Walker is to win in Iowa, and he was leading the field at the beginning of the month with about a 20 percent share of the vote. In succeeding polls all through the month, he’s been dropping three to four points. The last two post-debate polls have him at 12 percent, which puts him virtually tied with Carson, Cruz, and Fiorina, and it really represents the elimination of him as the Iowa front

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not: Fox News GOP Debate Edition

Let’s do “Who’s Not” hot first, because it’s an easier call: Fox News and the RNC.  In a week dominated by the first Republican presidential debate, the biggest losers were the hosts of this missed opportunity of a debate. How can you tell it was a bad debate? The name of Hillary Clinton was mentioned eleven times, and only four of those mentions included so much as a full sentence of criticism. Two hours of prime time television, and the presumptive Democratic nominee was unscathed (although I agree with Ben Carson that she probably will not be the nominee). It

My Six Takeaways from the First Debate(s)

1.) The Fox News moderators were unfair. Trump is right: Brett Baier and Megyn Kelly weren’t just tough—they were blatantly unfair. The first question was a setup to get Trump.  They showcased Walker and Kasich with softballs. Then, what was that about gay marriage and religious liberty? They only asked Kasich and Rand Paul—giving no one who strongly opposes gay marriage a chance to shine.  Finally, the obsession with foreign policy and the relative neglect of economic questions. Why? 2.) This was Trump’s Horrible Awful Night. He probably just capped his upside. His supporters still love him but how many

Walker Was the Biggest Winner Last Night

If I had to pick a winner of the debate last night, I would say it was Scott Walker for two reasons: 1.) His answer on what he would do as President was future-oriented. He talked about how he cut taxes and spending in Wisconsin, and how he would do the same thing in Washington. Most of the candidates focused on what they have already done. Walker talked about what he would do as President, and that’s important to the voters. 2.) He was unyielding on abortion and avoided a potential “gotcha” moment: Megyn Kelly: You recently signed a law

Three Winners, Three Losers from GOP Debate

Last night was one of the most memorable presidential debates in recent memory. There were three clear winners and three clear losers. WINNERS: 1.) Carly Fiorina Carly wasn’t even in the prime time debate, but her impressive performance in the 5:00 P.M. debate earned her frequent praise during the prime time debate, including from Megyn Kelly, who opened the debate by telling the 10 male candidates, “It’s a good thing Carly Fiorina isn’t here. She unleashed a can earlier tonight.” Carly clearly won the “Happy Hour” debate, and given the positive coverage Fox News lavished on her throughout the night,

Tonight’s #GOPDebate Drinking Game

The GOP Debate starts at 9:00 P.M. EST on Fox News Channel. Here’s a drinking game we created for your viewing pleasure. WARNING: Partaking in this game could prove to be very dangerous. Good luck out there. TAKE A DRINK WHEN: * Donald Trump mentions “China” or “Mexico” * Scott Walker says “Wisconsin” * Marco Rubio says “21st Century” * Ted Cruz praises Donald Trump * Donald Trump praises Ted Cruz * Any candidate acknowledges John Kasich’s presence on stage * Any candidate mentions “Job-Creators” * Any candidate says “Defund Planned Parenthood” * A Fox News moderator mentions “Kate’s Law”

Live Coverage of the Fox News GOP Debate

Participants for tonight’s live blog are: Jon Schweppe, Deputy Communications Director, American Principles in Action Shane Vander Hart, Editor of Paul Dupont, Legislative Assistant, American Principles in Action Maggie Gallagher, Senior Fellow, American Principles in Action Terry Schilling, Executive Director, American Principles in Action Kate Bryan, Communications Director, American Principles in Action Frank Cannon, President, American Principles in Action Emmett McGroarty, Executive Director of Education, American Principles in Action Ellen Kolb, Caffeinated Thoughts Contributor and pro-life activist in New Hampshire Erin Tuttle, Co-founder, Hoosiers Against Common Core Steve Wagner, President, QEV Analytics Nick Arnold, Researcher, American Principles in Action

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