Rubio’s Most Pathetic Moment Yet (VIDEO)

I had thought the low point for Marco Rubio was his terrible judgment last week choosing to go down in the muck and trading schoolboy insults with Donald Trump. It was bad judgment, both moral and political. Rubio forgot one of the most important

Three Key Takeaways from Super Tuesday

Eleven states voted and pledged delegates last night. While the mainstream media continues to peddle the false idea that Donald Trump dominated, we’re here to give you three key takeaways from the results: 1.) #NeverTrump worked. It really did. Finally, the candidates

Conservatives Debate How to Stop Trump

Conservatives seem to agree on the need to stop Donald Trump’s burgeoning candidacy, but they disagree on a strategy. The first obstacle is how to somehow combine Ted Cruz’s and Marco Rubio’s 20-25 percent of the vote each into a 40-50 percent

Who Will Beat the Trump at Tonight’s Debate?

A new raft of polling shows Donald Trump consolidating and growing his lead, which is the kind of thing that happens when you win elections. The press is full of stories of how Texas is a must-win for Ted Cruz as the latest

New Post-S.C. Poll: Can the Trump Train Be Stopped?

In the first national poll to be released following last Saturday’s South Carolina GOP Primary, Rasmussen shows Donald Trump increasing his lead to 15 points over the rest of the field. Trump registers 36 percent support in the poll, leading Marco Rubio

After South Carolina, It’s a Three-Way GOP Race

I shared some post-South Carolina Primary thoughts on Facebook Saturday night, but I wanted to expand on that here. This is a three-way race between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Currently Donald Trump is in the driver’s seat. Finally after