Man Faces Jail for Keeping 9-Year-Old Son From School Promoting Transgenderism

A man is being prosecuted for keeping his 9-year-old son from attending a school program teaching children about sexuality and transgenderism. If convicted, the father, Jabar ‘Jay’ Hussain, could be forced to pay a $3,200 fine, serve a 3-month jail sentence, and receive an “parenting order”. Despite this, Hussain remains staunchly opposed to subjecting his child to the program entitled “No Outsiders”. He told the press: “[No Outsiders] can cause confusion. If my son gets confused about this and about his own body, he might think he is a girl. The school thinks this is OK and has to be

Obama White House Promoted ‘Sexting’ Researchers Who Now Tell Kids to ‘Consider Boudoir Pictures’

Two professors at the publicly funded Florida Atlantic University have published in the esteemed Journal of Adolescent Health advocating for parents to teach their middle school and high school aged children how to engage in “safe sexting.” Co-authored by Sameer Hinduja and Justin Patchin, the thesis of the paper contends that although a considerable majority of teens abstain from sending “sexts” – explicit photos or messages – children still ought to be taught to “sext” the right way. The pair also presented at the Obama White House, writing a white paper for the 2011 Conference on Bullying Prevention. The suggestions

The Disturbing Reality Behind “Comprehensive Sexuality Education”

Politicizing and propagandizing in U.S. public schools is at an all-time high. Not only has the far left agenda sucked education into a black hole of safe spaces, hurt feelings, and post-truth America-bashing, but now the progressive elites want to teach kids everything there is to know about sex. Not just the-birds-and-the-bees sex. The kind of sex and sex acts and sexual proclivities that should be causing heads to turn nationwide. More and more school districts are adopting curriculum based on Comprehensive Sexuality Education — heavy on sexuality, taking the sex talk to all new extremes. Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), was created

Calif. Parents Protest State’s Controversial Sex-Ed Standards

California adopted a controversial new framework of standards for sexual education earlier this month. Now, parents around the state are rallying around one question: “Why is it okay to expose young children to explicit and potentially confusing material?” The “Health Education Framework” is designed to begin teaching about sex in the classroom as early as kindergarten. Among a range of issues covered are lessons on gender identity, sexual orientation, and how to best support transgender and non-conforming classmates. While teachers are not forced to use the new standards, many parents are worried that the adoption of such material will expose

Idaho House Passes Bill Requiring ‘Opt-In’ for Sex Education

Last Wednesday, the Idaho House of Representatives passed HB 120, a bill that requires parental opt-in for sex education, by a party-line 56 to 14 vote. It now heads to the Republican-controlled Idaho Senate. The bill is sponsored by State Representative Barbara Ehardt (R-Idaho Falls) and co-sponsored by 23 Republican lawmakers. It reads, “Any parent or legal guardian who wishes to have his child participate in any planned instruction in sex education or any instruction or presentation regarding sexuality shall file written permission with the school district board of trustees.” In addition, the bill specifies that schools must provide proper permission

Planned Parenthood Releases Creepy Sex-Ed Chatbot for Kids

Planned Parenthood isn’t satisfied with having aborted more than 330,000 babies in 2017. Now, in an effort to cast their net a little wider and reel in a larger number of potential clients, they’ve developed a chatbot named Roo. Roo is an artificial intelligence app available via the Planned Parenthood website and targeted at kids age 13 to 17, a demographic that already spends an average of nine hours a day online. The app, designed with the input of high school students, purports to offer “quick answers to intimate sexual health questions” — in other words, extremely biased and perpetuating

Colorado Sex Ed Bill Would Erode Parental Rights, Local Control

There is a comprehensive sex education bill under consideration in the Colorado House of Representatives that would significantly erode the rights of parents in the state. HB 19-1032, sponsored by State Representative Susan Lontine (D-Denver), State Senator Nancy Todd (D-Aurora), and State Senator Don Coram (R-Montrose), would prohibit schools that teach human sexuality from providing abstinence-only sex education or teach gender norms. The bill also prohibits schools from using federal funds that require schools to teach abstinence-only sex education and would also prevent the State Board of Education from granting any exceptions even to charter schools which have a greater

Planned Parenthood Uses Holidays to Take Cheap Shot at VP Pence

Making a charitable donation in someone’s name is typically a thoughtful thing to do. However, it becomes cruel when the donation is made to further a cause that person opposes. Yet, this is exactly what Planned Parenthood is encouraging people to do for one of our country’s leading political figures this holiday season. In their latest scheme to fuse fundraising with propaganda, Planned Parenthood has released a list titled “Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Vice President Mike Pence.” While the list includes some attempts to be witty, such as a Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg shirt or a gift certificate