New Study Shows Why Kids Need Parents, Not State-Run Preschool

As the evidence — even from respected pro-preschool researchers — continues to mount that government preschool programs are not particularly helpful and may actually be academically and emotionally harmful, the pro-nanny state side comes up with another “study” to say that preschool has some magical long-term benefits that previous research somehow failed to reveal. The latest example is the revival of the Perry Preschool Project. The original study of about 60 poor black children in a very intensive preschool and home visiting program and 60 controls found participants’ IQ scores initially improved but then returned to the same level as

Progressives Continue to Push Government Preschool Despite Poor Results

Despite evidence that preschool is at best ineffective and at worst harmful, two more signs have appeared showing that progressives from both parties are not giving up on expanding these worthless, dangerous, and expensive programs. One is an announcement by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos that he is going to fund “a network of new, non-profit, tier-one preschools in low-income communities.” Bezos wants his Day 1 Academies Fund to support Montessori-style preschool programs where “the child will be the customer,” and according to Chalkbeat, these schools “will be free for students and inspired by the Montessori approach, in which children direct their

Flawed Report Uses Pseudoscience to Promote “Social Emotional Learning”

The latest report of the National Commission on Social Emotional and Academic Learning continues to promote questionable brain science in the service of having government schools, corporations, or their foundations set norms for and assess the values, attitudes, beliefs, and emotions of students from cradle to career. Here are some of the many reasons this report is so debatable: Poor Science The report includes several key statements based on alleged brain science that should raise concern about its validity: According to a 2015 study published in the journal Science, only 39 out of 100 studies published in three leading psychology

Government Preschool Doesn’t Work — And Here’s the Proof

This article was originally posted at The American Spectator and co-authored by Dr. Karen Effrem, president of Education Liberty Watch. On the theory that more government programs can solve any public-education problem, bipartisan policymakers have embraced government-funded pre-K programs as the current fix. The federal Every Student Succeeds Act dangles multiple incentives, including new Preschool Development Grants, to coax states into taking more young children from their families and enrolling them in government preschool. Advocates claim the $7.6 billion spent on state pre-K programs will result in improved academic achievement and a multitude of societal benefits. But a new study from the center-left think tank Brookings douses these

Screen and Medicate More Students? School Safety Commission Gets Wrong Message

If the White House School Safety Commission is to make wise and helpful recommendations to protect school children, it needs to have good information. Sadly, most of the witnesses chosen to discuss the mental health aspects of this complex problem at a commission meeting earlier this month only provided limited and potentially dangerous recommendations: namely, the increased mental screening of school children and the increased use of psychotropic drugs in children — despite their connection to school violence. Dr. Gabrielle Carlson from the State University of New York staunchly defended psychiatric medications, giving several cases where she thought they had been successful,

“Social Emotional Learning” Advocates Are Still Ignoring Its Many Problems

As Ronald Reagan used to say: “There they go again!” The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) — which receives our hard-earned taxpayer dollars to insinuate social emotional learning (SEL) standards and curriculum into every classroom in America from preschool on up — has found another voice to breathlessly tell us benighted parents and citizens that our children and their education will not survive unless and until SEL is everywhere. Giancarlo Brotto is the author of “The Future of Education Depends on Social Emotional Learning: Here’s Why,” the most recent piece of SEL cheerleading in EdSurge. In the

The Real Fix to School Shootings: Bring Back the Missing Fathers

This article began as a discussion of the effects of fatherlessness on our education system. But then, before the ideas had even taken shape, Nikolas Cruz walked into a school in Parkland, Fla., and killed 17 students and faculty. Cruz wasn’t targeting specific people. His actions were nothing more than random violence perpetrated for reasons about which we can only speculate, but the usual squabble over guns and gun rights is in full-blown talking-point mode. What’s obvious, though, is that things are going horribly wrong for children in our society, and unless we are willing to talk about the root

Low Same-Sex Marriage Numbers Betray Truth of LGBT Movement

There has been an incredible push in recent years to propagate “gay marriage” as a civil right. Arguments severed from nature and reason have multiplied as what is really a moral problem has been reduced to a political problem. Furthermore, the softened heads and hardened hearts in our American culture have acquiesced to the agenda, for the energy required to take a stand against this aspect of the sexual revolution is increasingly debilitating. However, as Dr. Susan Berry informs us at Breitbart, despite the tremendous momentum behind the same-sex marriage movement, “according to a report in the Economist, the number

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