The Poverty Cure: Get Married

A great piece by the last center-left Democrat in America, Prof. William Galston: Of the many barriers to equal opportunity for African-Americans, differences of family background may well be the most consequential—and the least likely to yield to public policy. This is


Science Shows Married Couples Protect Children

Over at National Review, Professor Bradford Wilcox says it’s been a rough week for family structure denialists: It’s been a rough two weeks for the family-structure denialists, those progressive academics (Philip Cohen, “How to Live in a World Where Marriage Is in

Why Don’t Liberals Recognize Their Own Bias?

A pair of truly enterprising social scientists, Jussim and Crawford, have been investigating bias against science among conservatives and liberals. Jussim reports the results of their study published in a peer-reviewed journal that showed in this sample, liberals are “far more biased” than conservatives:


Taking on the Real Marriage Inequality

The Democrats like to talk about every kind of inequality, except the most devastating: marriage inequality. No I am not talking about the fact that non-marital unions aren’t treated as marriages (whether it is same-sex unions, or the latest progressive complaint over “singlism”). The