Did Trump Just Cost Himself South Carolina’s Fifty Delegates?

Remember that loyalty oath Donald Trump signed promising to support the Republican nominee no matter what? On Tuesday night, Trump told CNN he was reneging on that promise because he “has been treated very unfairly.” That reversal could have serious electoral consequences. Zeke Miller from Time reports: Donald Trump’s announcement that he no longer stands by a pledge to support the GOP has thrown his hold on South Carolina’s 50 delegates in doubt. The Palmetto State was one of several that required candidates to pledge their loyalty to the party’s eventual nominee in order to secure a slot on the

New Post-S.C. Poll: Can the Trump Train Be Stopped?

In the first national poll to be released following last Saturday’s South Carolina GOP Primary, Rasmussen shows Donald Trump increasing his lead to 15 points over the rest of the field. Trump registers 36 percent support in the poll, leading Marco Rubio (21 percent) and Ted Cruz (17 percent) by double-digit margins. John Kasich came in fourth, with 12 percent. With 12 states voting next week on Super Tuesday, these numbers bode well for Trump’s chances, though tonight’s Nevada caucuses and Thursday’s CNN debate could alter the outlook between now and then. However, as Rasmussen points out, more and more

After South Carolina, It’s a Three-Way GOP Race

I shared some post-South Carolina Primary thoughts on Facebook Saturday night, but I wanted to expand on that here. This is a three-way race between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Currently Donald Trump is in the driver’s seat. Finally after South Carolina pollsters can finally pat themselves on the back because the polling finally reflected the primary results. The RealClearPolitics average of South Carolina polls showed: Donald Trump – 31.8% Marco Rubio – 18.8% Ted Cruz – 18.5% Jeb Bush – 10.7% John Kasich – 9.0% Ben Carson – 6.8% With the South Carolina Primary results, the order

South Carolina’s “Golden” Legacy

The Federal Reserve, and its management of its one-and-only product, Federal Reserve Notes (a.k.a. money), has turned into a really significant issue in the 2016 presidential race.  The GOP South Carolina primary happens on February 20th. The outcome will have a major impact both on our money and our ability to earn more: the economy. This matters. In 2012, South Carolina gave its vote to Newt Gingrich who was campaigning, in part, on a Gold Commission. (Thereafter Gingrich strayed to moon colonies and, for that and other reasons, sank like a stone.) This year, Sen. Ted Cruz has outright endorsed the gold standard.

Dr. James Dobson’s Call to S.C.: A Vote for Anyone but Cruz Is a Vote for Trump

The iconic Dr. James Dobson is telling South Carolinians via robocalls that a vote for anyone but Ted Cruz is a vote for Donald Trump: Other Republicans are certainly worthy of consideration, but at this point it looks like a vote for anyone other than Ted Cruz is a vote for Donald Trump. For people of faith, who care about religious liberty, life and marriage, it’s time for us to rally around Sen. Ted Cruz. The robocall is being paid for by one of the Cruz affiliated Super PACs. The New York Times, which obtained a copy of the robocall,

Republican Campaigns Go Negative in South Carolina

As the battle for South Carolina heats up, the GOP presidential candidates are not taking any chances with their words. The candidates are swinging attacks left and right to win the hearts and votes of The Palmetto State voters. Let the games begin. We’ll start with Marco Rubio. At a town hall meeting in South Carolina this past week, Rubio directly attacked Donald Trump for his profanity, highlighting that The Donald acts in a way that our preachers and churches would be ashamed of: You have a leading presidential saying profanity from a stage! All these things undermine what we

Will South Carolina Decide the GOP Race? (VIDEO)

Frank Cannon is president of the American Principles Project and a respected conservative political strategist with over 30 years of experience. South Carolina is an interesting state because it has — about a third of its population is establishment Republicans, about a third is conservative military-oriented foreign policy, and about a third of it is evangelical Christians. So it sets up for a very interesting dynamic after New Hampshire and is a very critical state for the possibility of Trump running the table. … Because if Trump wins in South Carolina, and there is a fractured field like there was

Is South Carolina a Must-Win for Ted Cruz?

Must Ted Cruz win the February 20th South Carolina primary in order to have a clear path to the Republican nomination? In a word, no. While a distant second to Donald Trump could prove catastrophic, that is highly unlikely. Cruz need only place highly enough against the favored Trump and let the rest of field battle for elimination. Here’s why: 1.) Cruz has the cash to compete. He invested little campaign cash or time in New Hampshire but came away with an unexpected third place finish, and surprised by finishing ahead of both Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush.  The entire

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