In S.C. Showdown with Trump, Cruz Needs a Winning Economic Message

So South Carolina is where the titans clash: where Donald Trump (clearly) is going to try to knock Ted Cruz out of the race, and where Cruz urgently needs to show he can go toe-to-toe with The Donald in the South before the big SEC primary on March 1. Trump’s decision to release his nasty attack ad on Cruz the night of his New Hampshire victory shows he understands the campaign dynamic: Kasich will struggle for a 0-2-3 strategy and head for the big Southern vote with little to show for it. Rubio and Bush will be forced to attack

South Carolinians to POTUS Candidates: Pass FADA in Your First 100 Days

South Carolinians are banding together to request immediate, pledged support for the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) from all presidential candidates. Today, the “South Carolina Coalition for the First Amendment” sent a letter to each presidential campaign asking: “Will you pledge today to give priority and pass the First Amendment Defense Act in the first hundred days of your administration?” The coalition includes: The South Carolina Baptist Convention The Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston The Palmetto Family Council North Greenville University (Christian Worldview Center) Oran P. Smith, President and CEO of the Palmetto Family Council, said, “By examining this pledge,

Rubio’s Outlook Rising After Strong Iowa Finish

Last week, I wrote about Marco Rubio’s opportunity to rise in New Hampshire. It looks like this scenario might play out. With Ted Cruz defeating Donald Trump by a decent margin, and Rubio coming within 1 point of beating Trump, the expectations for Trump in New Hampshire are now sky high. Trump needs a win in New Hampshire to stay alive. If he loses to Rubio (or Cruz), or almost loses to either, he will be all but out of the race. If Rubio wins New Hampshire, the race could come down to Cruz v. Rubio. But prepare for a

The Four Most Likely Scenarios for Iowa, N.H., and S.C.

There have been a lot of theories and ideas thrown out lately about what will happen in the early primary and caucus states. I’ve read a lot of them and have decided to condense them all and give the top four most likely scenarios for our readers that don’t have as much time to watch the sport of politics: 1.) Donald Trump wins Iowa, New Hampshire, with an alternative candidate emerging from his/her 2nd place finish in either Iowa or New Hampshire. (Most Likely) Right now, the momentum in both Iowa and New Hampshire is with Trump. He’s regained the

Trump’s January Pivot

Donald Trump is well on his way to winning the Republican presidential nomination. This owes substantially to the party’s bias for “winner-take-all” and “winner-take-all-lite” primaries. Trump will come out of the four earliest beauty contests states (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada) with a solid lead in delegates, assuming he wins in New Hampshire and South Carolina, as now looks likely. South Carolina is the big prize, and it is a winner-take-all state, notwithstanding the RNC rule that there be no winner-take-all primaries before March 15. Ted Cruz leads in Iowa, and a win there will give him momentum

The Rubio Path to Victory: A Roadmap?

In light of the Rubio Nevada firewall strategy, I offer Dan McLaughlin’s (RedState) Rubio roadmap that seemingly validates it, though contrasting it with Cruz’s more viable path to the nomination. It’s an intriguing look – based on a presumptive Rubio victory in Nevada – at what would have to happen for Marco Rubio to win the GOP nomination.  To wit: I should stress that what follows is not an exercise in prediction, and that a lot can still happen between now and the Iowa Caucus on February 1. This is obviously a somewhat optimistic hypothetical scenario for Cruz, and a

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not: Cruz Cruising While Rubio Looks Outmaneuvered

HOT: The big dogs of the social conservative movement have voted, and their candidate is Ted Cruz.  The effort among leading social conservative organizations to coalesce around one candidate – in order to maximize their influence on the nomination process – is a quadrennial initiative which usually comes to naught.  But this year, doubtless due to fear of The Donald, the objective was achieved. As noted previously, Cruz has been endorsed this week by the National Organization for Marriage and Richard Viguerie.  Other participants in the social conservative consensus project will follow suit.  But the big get is Iowan Bob Vander

Will Evangelicals Deliver Cruz Victories in Iowa, South Carolina?

Early primary state and national polling is showing the emergence of Sen. Ted Cruz as the candidate that could dethrone Donald Trump as the front-runner for the GOP nomination. In October, The New York Times ran a story highlighting the strong ground game being run by Sen. Cruz, particularly the fact that he has organizers in every county in the first four primary states — Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. That ground game is starting to pay dividends, especially in South Carolina. Check out what Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) told Politico: “Ted Cruz has done perhaps the best