New Poll: Carson Closes in on Trump in South Carolina

The latest Clemson poll shows Carson closing in on Trump’s formerly huge lead among South Carolina Republicans. Trump leads with 23 percent, with Carson at 19 percent and within the margin of error of 4 percentage points. Rubio, Cruz, Bush and Fiorina follow clustering at 9 percent, 8 percent, 7 percent and 6 percent respectively. Prediction: Evangelicals are going to break heavily against Trump the more he attacks Carson on faith and life. Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project.

Trump Up Double Digits in South Carolina, Nevada

The good news keeps coming for Donald Trump as new CNN/ORC polls show the real estate mogul in first place in South Carolina and Nevada, the third and fourth contests in the presidential primary race: Trump holds 38% support in Nevada, with Carson in second with 22%, and in South Carolina, Trump doubles Carson’s support, 36% to 18%. No other candidate comes close to those top two in either state; the third-place candidate in each case has less than 10% support. Perhaps more interesting is the fact that Trump dominates the other candidates on issues like the economy and immigration. In fact,

Perry’s Campaign Running on Empty

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign team in South Carolina is no longer being paid by his presidential campaign, according to a recent report by National Journal. Perry, whose performance in this past week’s “happy hour” debate failed to excite prospective voters, raised only $1.1 million between April and June this year and seems to be feeling the effects of faltering contributions. As a source close to the Perry campaign told CBS News, “Jeff Miller, Perry’s national campaign manager, told campaign staff on Friday that the only expenses moving forward would be for travel.” Many Perry supporters remain hopeful, however.

New South Carolina Poll Puts Walker Ahead

Winthrop University recently released a poll of 956 likely primary voters. The poll put Scott Walker slightly ahead of Jeb Bush but showed that 25 percent of respondents were still undecided. The full results were as follows: Not Sure: 25% Scott Walker: 14% Jeb Bush: 13% Ted Cruz: 8% Lindsey Graham: 8% Rand Paul: 6% Chris Christie: 5% Ben Carson: 5% Marco Rubio: 4% Donald Trump: 2% Rick Perry: 2% Bobby Jindal: 1% Bush and Walker have both seen their numbers drop from the previous South Carolina poll, a Gravis Marketing poll that Maggie covered last month. Joshua Pinho works for

New South Carolina and Florida Polls Show Walker and Bush Neck and Neck

Gravis Marketing released two polls this week, collected February 24 and 25, one in Florida and one in South Carolina.  They both show Jeb Bush and Scott Walker neck and neck, with each collecting a bit more than 20 percent of the vote in Florida and just a bit less than 20 percent in South Carolina. Bush is a nose in front in both. In Florida, Marco Rubio (11 percent) and Mike Huckabee (10 percent) are the only ones to break double digits.  In South Carolina, Sen. Lindsey Graham is just 7 points behind Bush at 12 percent, with Ben Carson