“You Can Feel the Death”: Whistleblower Shares Gruesome Planned Parenthood Story (VIDEO)

This week, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released the first of a series of never-before-seen videos featuring whistleblower testimony regarding Planned Parenthood’s selling of fetal body parts to the biotech company StemExpress. The video serves to further shed light on the shady business partnership built upon the sale of illegally obtained human tissue. In the video, Holly O’Donnell, a former procurement technician for StemExpress, shares her firsthand experiences with CMP founder David Daleiden. O’Donnell worked for StemExpress from December 2012 to April 2013 and during that time dissected organs from aborted fetuses inside some of Planned Parenthood’s largest surgical

House Panel Votes to Hold Fetal Tissue Provider StemExpress in Contempt

Meeting Wednesday afternoon, the House of Representatives Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives voted to recommend that StemExpress, a firm connected to the alleged illegal procurement of aborted babies’ body parts in undercover videos last year, be held in contempt of Congress. This comes after StemExpress failed to provide sufficient information after being subpoenaed by the Panel earlier this year. According to the Panel’s Republicans, the subpoena required three things of StemExpress: Accounting records Names of entities/individuals that provided StemExpress with fetal tissue Names of entities/individuals that were provided with fetal tissue by StemExpress The aim of the request was