Ted Cruz Takes Campaign to Next Level with Gold and a Flat Tax

Ted Cruz rocked in the presidential race during the CNBC debate. His biggest breakthrough, even more important than his crowd-pleasing holding the media to account, was his credible prescription to get job creation, and equitable prosperity, roaring the way they roared in the Reagan days. Cruz thereby seized, like nobody else yet has, the Reagan jobs-creation and income mobility mantle. Reaganomics had two main legs. Both were widely ridiculed at the time. Both were vindicated by history. The more famous of these was Reagan’s dramatic cutting of income tax rates, across the board, to stimulate economic growth, a policy drawn from

“It’s The Economy, Stupid!” Time For CNBC To Grill Candidates On Monetary, Tax, Trade Policy

At last, we mere voters might get to watch a debate that will focus on the two top issues that virtually every poll places at the top of our concerns: jobs and the economy.  Earlier debates have only lightly brushed on these matters. This is a great pity. Time for CNBC to give us a gold standard presidential debate with questions that matter. As I wrote in my Forbes.com column “Here’s What’s Likely To Hurt the Republicans in 2016” last April: “It’s the economy, stupid!”  The weirdest thing about the onrushing 2016 presidential cycle is the scarcity of a GOP economic

Donald Trump’s Tax Plan: A $10 Trillion Debt Bomb

Donald Trump is no supply-sider, as is evidenced by his pro-tariff and restrictionist immigration stands. Supply-side, from its inception, is all about job growth and equitable prosperity. Both would be hurt by such autarkical prescriptions. Trump doesn’t get it. His tax plan, while superficially supply-side in that it lowers rates somewhat, carries a heavier burden of proof than it has received from some veteran supply-siders. The mulligan given Trump is a tribute to the ever-sunny disposition and native optimism of most supply-siders. Trump and his tax reform plan drew mixed reviews even on the supply side from such thoughts leaders

Kasich Takes on Entitlements, Tax Code in New Plan to Balance Budget

John Kasich unveiled a plan Wednesday to balance the U.S. budget through tax and spending reforms.  The first part of his plan would put a freeze on federal spending as well as delegate spending authority on education and other local projects to the states: Kasich plans in part to balance the budget through deep cuts to domestic spending, even as he proposes a big boost to military spending. The reductions in spending would be at least partially achieved through an eight-year freeze on all non-defense discretionary spending and by turning education, transportation, and job training programs into block grants as

Trump Flipped Before He Flopped

Three months into his run for President, Donald Trump is starting to sound less like a straight talker and more like a politician to some observers.  A new Washington Post article chronicles his changing opinions on Planned Parenthood, a flat tax, and the military: Planned Parenthood At first, he said: “Absolutely they should be defunded” Those were Trump’s words to Blaze TV in July shortly after an anti-abortion group released videos of officials with the nonprofit women’s health care organization talking about what to do with aborted fetal tissue. (Planned Parenthood officials maintain they did nothing wrong.) In an Aug. 3 interview with conservative radio

Donald Trump Is No Supply Sider And His Tax Plan Isn’t Supply Side

Jeff, with all due respect to your observation that Trump’s plan for tax reform is “also the most faithful to supply-side principles,” there may be less here than meets the eye.  Trump is no supply-sider.  His mercantilist/protectionist tendencies on trade and restrictionist tendencies on immigration would, if enacted, profoundly retard economic growth.  Trump’s Supply Side credentials are beyond dubious. As for his tax plan, it would be reckless to rely too heavily on Trump’s dubious claim that it “Doesn’t add to our debt and deficit, which are already too large.”  For supply-side deficit hawks (from the Reagan/Rueff/Lehrman wing of Supply

Trump’s Tax Plan: A Proposal Reagan Would Approve?

Donald Trump’s plan for tax reform is the most populist so far seen among the presidential candidates. It is also the most faithful to supply-side principles. Why? Populism in its root meaning is optimism about the ability of people to make decisions affecting themselves. Its opposite, elitism, is optimism about the ability of elites to make those decisions for them. Unlike most recent Republican plans, Trump avoids single year expensing for corporate investment in new physical capital (machines and buildings). Though rarely highlighted by its advocates, it is so expensive it preempts the ability to cut personal rates very much,

Hillary Abandons Income Inequality

Had you tuned in to Hillary Clinton’s hour-long speech on economics yesterday in order to learn the specifics of how she intends to achieve “strong growth, fair growth and long-term growth,” you would be unsatisfied: Throughout the campaign, I’m going to be talking about how we empower entrepreneurs with less red tape, easier access to capital, tax relief and simplification. I’ll also push for broader business tax reform to spur investment in America, closing those loopholes that reward companies for sending jobs and profits overseas. See, she’s FOR small businesses and she’s going to TALK about that.  As for the actual

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