Rand Paul to Other GOP Candidates: Go Bold or Go Home

At CPAC earlier this year, Rand Paul promised to deliver “the largest tax cut in American history,” which will “cut everyone’s taxes, from the richest to the poorest,” and “balance the budget in five years.”  At the announcement of his presidential candidacy, there was no mention of a tax plan – I thought he might have forgotten to mention it.  But this week, he laid his tax reform plan on the table … and it fully lives up to expectations. There is one overriding criterion which a tax plan proposed by a Republican candidate for president must satisfy in order

Christie: “Why has the income of middle-class Americans failed to grow for 15 years?”

In a bid to maintain viability as a presidential candidate, Chris Christie yesterday authored an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, “My Plan to Raise Growth and Income,”and traveled to Manchester, N.H., to present the plan in person.  This is the second of at least three installments of the Christie policy vision, following an April speech on entitlement reform and with a speech on education to come. The WSJ piece (and speech) begins with a bang; would that every Republican candidate for President wrote,“The fundamental question facing the country right now: Why has the income of middle-class Americans failed to

Will the Lee-Rubio Tax Plan Doom Rubio’s Candidacy?

The Rubio announcement of candidacy on Monday (April 13) was frustrating for its lack of policy substance, the “what and how” that would define his presidency.  He seems intent on basing his candidacy on a personal narrative. In particular, what does Senator Rubio have to say to voters blindsided by the recession of 2007, who suffered through 2008 and the ensuing anemic recovery and are suffering still today as the buying power of their family income steady erodes?  To them, he said (in his announcement),“If we reform our tax code and reduce regulations and control spending and modernize our immigration

Perry on Why Your Paycheck is Shrinking (VIDEO)

This morning at an event at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire, Rick Perry called for robust new growth to address rising prices: The President may be satisfied with 2 percent economic growth. I’m not. For the first time in American history, a generation of leaders are on the verge of breaking the social compact, if you will, with the next generation. That is that we leave a better country for them, than what we found ourselves. Fewer of us believe in the American dream now than in the last twenty years. For middle class Americans, opportunity and security have

Huckabee Addresses Wage Stagnation

Mike Huckabee addressed America’s key economic problem of a middle class squeezed by falling wage value.  From the Washington Post: “I talked about [this economic message] eight years ago. I was being pilloried by the Wall Street Journal and other folks in your community [the mainstream media].” He says events have proved him right, and now everyone is talking about wage stagnation.  He asserted, “The bottom 90 percent in the past 40 years have had stagnant wages. In the 25 years before that, 90 percent saw an increase.” This is an excellent summary of the problem facing most Americans, and one

Rubio Pitches a Flatter and Fairer Tax System

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed on Tuesday, Senators Marco Rubio (FL) and Mike Lee (UT) began a debate on tax-reform by questioning whether the current unemployed, underemployed, stagnant wage economy is the “new normal.” Their pitch is a tax reform plan “built…on the simple, yet powerful truths at the heart of the free-enterprise system: that economic growth is a function of economic freedom, and that economic freedom depends on equal opportunity and fair treatment under law.” It pitches a single-layer corporate tax structure and a two-tier (down from seven) personal income tax. While the policy portion of their plan

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