The Top Two (Other) Biggest Losers After Iowa

The two other biggest losers as a result of Ted Cruz’s Iowa victory: 1. Terry Branstad And His Crony Capitalist Buddies Branstad launched an “anyone but Cruz” movement in Iowa, proving it’s Cruz, not Donald Trump, who really scares the GOP’s crony capitalists. Gov. Branstad’s lobbyist son Eric leads a group of donors pouring a big chunk of money into ads attacking Cruz on ethanol in Iowa. Cruz correctly identified this Branstad dynamic as the way crony capitalism operates in Washington as well as Des Moines, as National Review reported: Appearing on Meet the Press, Cruz said Branstad’s “son is a lobbyist who

Cruz in the Crosshairs

With just days left before the first votes in Iowa and New Hampshire, the GOP establishment clearly has got Senator Ted Cruz in its crosshairs. We told you last week about Iowa Governor Terry Branstad’s smear of Ted Cruz. He wants Cruz defeated in Iowa and doesn’t seem to care who beats him. Now former President Bob Dole has weighed in. Oh, that’s right — Dole ran such a weak campaign he never got to be president, giving us the curse of Monica Lewinsky! I guess Dole is trying to curse us again with another Clinton in the White House. He

Why Did Palin Snub Cruz?

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump on Tuesday in Iowa, leaving a lot of conservative leaders scratching their heads. The race in Iowa is neck-and-neck, and many grassroots conservatives are trying to decide between Trump and Ted Cruz. Both Palin and Cruz are closely identified with the Tea Party movement. Palin has a long relationship with Cruz, who is much closer to her on values issues than Trump. Nevertheless, Cruz was magnanimous about the endorsement, saying that he and Palin will always be great friends. Iowa Governor Terry Branstad also weighed in yesterday with an outrageous “Anybody but Cruz”