Against All Odds: The Forgotten, Epic Stand that Saved Washington’s Army.

Two-hundred and forty-five years ago today, Colonel John Glover and the men from Marblehead would once again be called upon to save Washington’s Army. As dawn broke on October 18th, Glover climbed a slight rise. Upon reaching the summit, he lifted his spyglass to his eye to scan the horizon. What he saw exceeded his worst nightmares: over two hundred British warships full of soldiers heading up the Long Island Sound and hundreds of Redcoats already flooding from their ships onto a small peninsula.  After being repulsed by the Americans at Throgs Neck days earlier, Lord Howe loaded his men

America’s Dunkirk: 245 Years Ago, Real Leadership Saved a Nation.

As events unfold in Afghanistan with thousands of Americans and allies tragically needing rescue, 245 years ago this week, an American general successfully executed an extraordinary rescue–an “American Dunkirk”—that saved the Revolution. Washington’s army faced potential annihilation–all could have been lost. However, leadership, daring, and initiative transformed that critical moment into one of the greatest evacuations in history.  The disastrous leadership in Afghanistan brings to mind General George Washington’s iron-clad axiom to “not be drove”—to always seize the initiative. Washington and his fledgling army were able to defeat a much more well-funded and well-trained force in part because of their