WATCH: Far-Left ‘Young Turks’ Show (Still on Spotify and YouTube) Features ‘N-Word’ Repeatedly.

A video of anchors on the far-left Young Turks program repeatedly saying the n-word and “fag” (as a derogatory term for a homosexual) has amassed over 2.1 million views on Twitter, with no signs of slowing. The compilation was shared to Twitter by @DrunkNewsHQ  who sarcastically captioned the video “Joe Rogan N Word compilation.” The first 46-second clip features left-wing shock jocks Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygyr, Hasan Piker, Jimmy Dore, and various other guests and anchors repeatedly using the phrase, along with other terms like “fag” and “cracker.” The word “cracker” is finding new levels of acceptability by far-leftists after

Genocide-Denying Leftists Falsely Claim Steve Bannon Told His Audience to Have ‘White Babies’.

Well-documented genocide denier Cenk Uygur has falsely claimed to his “Young Turks” audience that War Room: Pandemic host and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon demanded people have “white babies”. In a YouTube clip seen by around 120,000 people, Uygur – whose show is named after the mass murdering group from the early 1900s Ottoman Empire – tells his audience that Bannon wants “a certain kind of baby” being born in the West. The clip is then falsely titled, “Steve Bannon: White Babies Will “Save Civilization,”” and labelled “#BreakingNews”. In the clip, War Room correspondent Benjamin Harnwell declares, “Europe