New Transgender Letter from Trump Admin Should Have Parents on Alert

Over two years ago the Obama Administration’s U.S. Department of Education (USED) issued radical “guidance” instructing public schools to open up all restrooms, locker rooms, and probably sports teams to students of both sexes. That guidance was rescinded by Trump’s USED in February. Supposedly to clarify how USED’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) should now handle Title IX complaints filed by students suffering from gender dysphoria (“transgender” students), Acting Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Candice Jackson recently sent a letter to all Office for Civil Rights (OCR) regional directors. Jackson’s letter is a bit hazy and also a bit concerning.

LGBT Lobby Demands NCAA Limit Events to Blue States

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) announced earlier this week they are launching a project to convince the NCAA to restrict sports championship events — such as March Madness tournament games — to liberal-leaning states. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Deformation (GLAAD), and Lambda Legal have all signed onto the initiative, which “urges” the NCAA to “reaffirm … previous commitments to nondiscrimination and inclusion by avoiding venues that are inherently unwelcoming and unsafe for LGBT people.” And these demands don’t simply apply to particular venues. The letter also calls on the NCAA to avoid holding