Planned Parenthood Doubles Down on Abortion, Quits Title X Program

Planned Parenthood has decided to put its abortion business first by withdrawing from the Title X program over a new prohibition on federal abortion funding. As we’ve covered extensively at the National Pulse, the Trump administration has implemented a new rule prohibiting federal taxpayer dollars from the Title X program from being disbursed to any facility that performs or promotes abortions. Title X is a federal family planning initiative created in 1970. Planned Parenthood received about $60 million in taxpayer dollars every year under the program, accounting for about 12 percent of its total annual taxpayer funding. Planned Parenthood was eligible to

New Trump Admin Rules Abort Planned Parenthood’s Funding

This week, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that it would begin enacting revised regulations of Title X, a federal grant program for non-profit providers of family planning services. Changes to the program announced in February prohibit organizations which provide abortions from receiving taxpayer money.   Unsurprisingly, abortion providers complained, often citing that federal taxpayer abortion funding is already prohibited by the Hyde Amendment and that the rule is unfair to them. Yet, they conveniently ignore the economic reality that money is fungible. For example, funding any Planned Parenthood activities means that privately-sourced money can then be re-allocated for

Ultra-Liberal 9th Circuit Court Removes Block on Trump Pro-Life Rule

The pro-life administration in history achieved a major — and perhaps surprising — victory in the most leftist circuit court in the country on Thursday. In February, the Trump administration finalized a rule to cut off federal taxpayer funding under Title X from any facility that performs or promotes abortions. Any facility that does not cease performing or referring for abortions would have its Title X funding revoked. Planned Parenthood receives about $50-$60 million in taxpayer dollars annually from the Title X program, a fraction of the $400-$500 million in annual federal taxpayer funding they receive overall. But the amount

Trump Admin Announces Cut to Planned Parenthood’s Taxpayer Funds

The Trump administration has announced it will move forward with a new rule that will cut some of the taxpayer funding that goes to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers under the federal Title X program. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) rule will bar facilities and programs that perform abortions or refer for them from receiving taxpayer funding under the Title X family planning program. Currently, 266 Planned Parenthood abortion centers receive Title X funding. They were formerly allowed to receive the funding as long as they kept it separate from abortion operations. But money is fungible,