Trump Admin Submits New Rule to Protect Little Sisters, End HHS Mandate

With their commander-in-chief back in the country after his first overseas trip as president, federal officials in the Trump administration are moving towards fulfilling one of his key campaign promises. A newly drafted rule submitted this past week for review will reportedly solidify religious liberty protections for the Little Sisters of the Poor and other religious groups, who had previously been threatened with penalties for refusing to provide contraception coverage as part of their health insurance plans. Back in October 2016, in a letter to leaders of Catholic organizations, then Republican nominee Trump wrote: I will make absolutely certain religious

President Trump’s Tweet Perfectly Summed Up the Georgia Election

Dems failed in Kansas and are now failing in Georgia. Great job Karen Handel! It is now Hollywood vs. Georgia on June 20th. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 19, 2017 President Trump has a way of pointing out the obvious that everyone else is missing. This is why he has been so good at branding — not only himself and his company, but his political rivals from the campaign (low-energy, little, etc.) and in the media (fake news). The race in GA-06, however, was not just Hollywood versus Georgia. It was the liberal elite versus Trump. The Left has