Coca Cola Researcher Convicted For Stealing $120 Million In Trade Secrets.

A Coca-Cola chemist was convicted of stealing $120,000,000 worth of trade secrets from American companies for the Chinese Communist Party. Dr. Xiaorong You worked with The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta as a principal engineer for global research at Coca-Cola from December 2012 through August 2017. She also served as a packaging application development manager for Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport, granting her access to trade secrets belonging to additional companies such as Akzo-Nobel, BASF, Dow Chemical, PPG, Toyochem and Sherwin Williams. You stole secrets related to BPA-free coatings for the inside of beverage cans in order to set up a

BREAK: Chinese Businessman Indicted For Stealing American Trade Secrets

A Chinese businessman was indicted for conspiring to steal trade secrets from General Electric worth millions of dollars. The individual, 64-year-old Chi Lung Winsman Ng who resides in Hong Kong, conspired to steal secrets relating to the company’s silicon carbide MOSFET technology. “As alleged in the indictment, Winsman Ng conspired to steal trade secrets from General Electric to start a competitor,” said Attorney for the United States, Elizabeth C. Coombe. “Mr. Ng conspired to steal valuable and sensitive technology from GE and produce it in China,” Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge Thomas F. Relford added. The Department

Chinese Communist Party Replaces US As Europe’s Top Trading Partner

China had replaced the U.S. as the European Union’s top trading partner in 2020. “The European Union’s statistics office, Eurostat, said trade between the 27-country bloc and the rest of the world was down across the board in the first quarter of last year because of the pandemic. Between Jan. and Dec. 2020, euro area goods exports fell 9.2% year-on-year, while imports fell 10.8% compared with the same period in 2019,” a summary of the findings notes. EU exports to the communist country grew by 2.2 percent and imports from China grew by 5.6 percent in 2020. In contrast, EU

On Day 2 Biden Says “There’s Nothing We Can Do” About COVID.

On Day Two, President Biden admitted he has no plan to bring the CCP virus and its related crisis to an end—while Trump’s vaccine distribution plan keeps on working for the American people. Biden Admits “There’s Nothing We Can Do.” In remarks Friday, President Joe Biden said, “There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months,” a notable contrast with his signature campaign promise to end the pandemic. President Biden urges Congress to pass more COVID relief: “There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next

Chinese-Born US Citizens Charged With 24 Counts Of Stealing American Trade Secrets

Two Chinese-born American citizens have been charged with 24 counts of stealing American trade secrets, an assault on American businesses valued at millions of U.S. dollars. The charges were levied against Haoyang Yu and Tricon MMIC, a semiconductor company he and his wife established and include “possession and attempted possession of a trade secret, transporting stolen goods, visa fraud and smuggling.” Furthermore, Yu’s wife, Yanzhi Chen, was charged with three counts of wire fraud and aiding and abetting wire fraud. The charges relate to proprietary information from Analog Devices (ADI), a Nasdaq-listed semiconductor company that Yu worked for. The charges

Biden: China Provides Jobs, ‘Fuels World’s Prosperity’

Joe Biden solidified his reputation as a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sycophant and working class sellout with remarks at the US-China Strategic & Economic Dialogue in 2011. “Middle-Class Joe” had a rare opportunity to confront the greatest threat to American workers – the CCP’s exploitative trading practices and job poaching ad infinitum – and he failed. Miserably. Instead, he praised the relationship as a boon to American employment numbers and extolled the merits of a “rising China.” It wasn’t a gaffe. It wasn’t a blunder. It was quintessential Biden. In his opening statement, setting a tone of appeasement for the entire


Divest. From. China.

Since 1980, the United States has granted “Most Favored Nation” trading status to China on the condition that they improve their record on human rights as well as play fair regarding international commerce. Despite not living up to those conditions, every president since has granted a waiver maintaining the status for another year, sometimes against the advice of Congress. Presidents Bush and Clinton both supported normalized trade relations with China. “Will we do more to advance the cause of human rights if China is isolated?” Clinton asked in 1994, suggesting that opening trade would encourage more liberalization and freedom in