Rand Paul: Get the Feds Out of Education Policy

Rand Paul is on a roll. First, he went on offense on an issue where Republicans all too often play defense: abortion. He called out the Democratic National Committee and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for their radical position of allowing seven-pound babies to be aborted in the womb, simply because they aren’t born yet. Now, he’s coming out swinging against the expanded role of the federal government in education policy. Check out his comments made yesterday: For a long time in the Republican Party, there’s been a division—the conservatives have always felt like, we don’t want much control of education, very little if

Cruz: Repeal Every Word of Common Core (VIDEO)

During an event last Friday in Barrington, NH, Senator Cruz was asked about his position on Common Core. He told the crowd of 200: I think we should repeal every word of Common Core. Look, education is far too important to have it governed by unelected bureaucrats down in Washington. Education, I mentioned before in response to the first question, I’m a constitutionalist. Over and over again as questions come up, my touchstone is going to be: What does the constitution of the United States say? If you look at the Tenth Amendment, or as President Obama calls it: the

Jindal in Iowa: Shrink the Ed

At his Iowa blog Caffeinated Thoughts last week, ThePulse2016.com’s own Shane Vander Hart posted a lengthy interview with Gov. Bobby Jindal during his Iowa swing.  Jindal’s mastery of the Common Core debate was epic: “We are going to fight Common Core with everything we’ve got in Louisiana. We are in federal court against Arne Duncan.  We are in our state legislature, when it comes into session in April, we are going to pass legislation where we get rid of Common Core,” Jindal vowed. Gov. Jindal then debunked the Bill Bennett arguments currently on the airwaves that Common Core is just a

Bush Speaks on Education Policy and Common Core in NH

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush made his first New Hampshire appearance on March 13th. Bush participated in a round table discussion and was asked for his thoughts about the federal government’s role in education policy: You know, the federal government could play a role in the following way: The two big funding programs, I guess there’s three you could—Head Start’s not part of the Department of Education, but early learning, you know, the federal government has its own program. There should be flexibility if states have a better program to take the federal monies and expand these programs and expand

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