Invasive Plan to Data Mine Preschoolers Globally Draws International Criticism

Back in February, both Education Liberty Watch and American Principles Project warned about and submitted comments to The Federal Register opposing U.S. participation in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) latest ill-advised and invasive International Early Learning Study (IELS). This is a new scheme to extend international standardized testing, social emotional profiling, and data mining via tablets. Here are the details about this assessment from The Federal Register: The IELS is designed to examine: children’s early learning and development in a broad range of domains, including social emotional skills as well as cognitive skills; the relationship between children’s early learning

US Rejects UN Resolution Calling for Increased Access to Abortions

On Thursday, furthering the Trump administration’s commitment not to promote abortion overseas, the US rejected a UN resolution on account of its abortion clause. The resolution, which was proposed by the Canadian delegates to the 47-member Human Rights Council, stated that all women should have access to “comprehensive sexual and health-care services” including “safe abortion where such services are permitted by national law.” Jason Mack, US First Secretary to the UN in Geneva, said in a statement to the UN’s Human Rights Council that although his country “strongly supports the spirit of this resolution and joins other members of this Council

UN Urges New York to Repeal Its “Restrictive” Abortion Laws

Yesterday, the United Nations told New York state senators that in order to more closely comply with “international human rights standards” they need to get rid of two of their state’s few abortion restrictions. The UN urged state senators to pass the Reproductive Health Act, a bill which would strike down New York’s 24-week abortion limit and decriminalize self-induced abortions. The bill was approved by the state assembly in January, and if the state Senate does not pass it before the legislative session ends today, it will die. Sponsored by State Senator Liz Krueger, Bill S2796 argues that the current

President Trump, Don’t Let the UN Cripple American Energy

Since inauguration, President Donald Trump has spearheaded an “America First” energy agenda by approving the Keystone pipeline, eliminating regulations designed to be “atomic” for the coal industry, and blocking Obama’s Clean Power Plan that would have caused electricity prices to “necessarily skyrocket.” But now, much of the administration’s progress in unleashing American energy is in jeopardy. It is widely reported that members of Trump’s inner circle are urging the President to break a major campaign promise by upholding the Paris Climate Treaty. The Paris Treaty imperils Trump’s energy achievements because left-wing environmental groups plan to use this agreement as the legal

President Trump Cuts Funding to UN Agency over Forced Abortions

The Trump Administration announced this week it would be withdrawing $32.5 million in funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), due to the agency’s alleged partnership with a Chinese population control program which supports coercive abortions. The money will instead be transferred to similar programs within the U.S. Agency for International Development. According to a memorandum from the State Department, the UN Population Fund partners with the Chinese National Health and Family Planning Commision, which is responsible for overseeing China’s infamous two-child policy. The UNFPA responded in a statement arguing that it “refutes this claim, as all of its work