Divest. From. China.

Since 1980, the United States has granted “Most Favored Nation” trading status to China on the condition that they improve their record on human rights as well as play fair regarding international commerce. Despite not living up to those conditions, every president since has granted a waiver maintaining the status for another year, sometimes against the advice of Congress. Presidents Bush and Clinton both supported normalized trade relations with China. “Will we do more to advance the cause of human rights if China is isolated?” Clinton asked in 1994, suggesting that opening trade would encourage more liberalization and freedom in

America Can Take a Stand Against Christian Persecution, Here’s How…

Congress has a decision to make: turn a blind eye to corruption and Christian persecution, or use an impending repatriation of hundreds of millions of dollars laundered to address these issues. Sen. Chuck Grassley is strongly encouraging the latter. The United States and the British Isle of Jersey recently agreed to return over $300 million embezzled by Nigeria’s corrupt former dictator General Sani Abacha, and Sen. Grassley has rightly raised concerns about the absence of “proper safeguards to prevent the further misuse of funds.” Given Nigeria’s decades of raging corruption, any agreement void of meaningful oversight – like granting U.S.

RENACCI: Post-Coronavirus, We Should Make Our Supply Chains Great Again

Nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and according to data from the FDA, about 90 percent of factories producing pharmaceuticals intended for American consumption are located outside of the United States. The coronavirus has revealed such serious flaws with our current trade practices that have left us extremely reliant on the hostile, foreign nation of China. After we grapple with the outbreak, and most Americans return to normal, leadership in Congress and the White House need to come up with a plan to ensure we are less dependent on China in the future. We must