Report From a Utah Caucus-Goer

I live in Utah and participated in my precinct’s caucus meeting last night. The feeling at the meeting was very anti-Trump. There was very little (read: no) understanding of how anyone could possibly vote for him. One person ran for a State delegate position saying his whole point was to stop Trump. He won. The anti-Trump sentiment was significant enough that people were voting for Ted Cruz whether or not they liked him because they wanted to stop Trump. There were nine times the number of people they expected in my precinct, which is why it was three hours —

Let Us Celebrate Utah — 70 Percent Reject Trump

Donald Trump won Arizona — more on what this means for Ted Cruz in another post — but Cruz won a resounding victory in Utah — an astonishing 69 percent of the vote. This was not so much a vote for Cruz as it was a resounding rejection of Trump and “Trumpism,” as Romney called it. Even John Kasich beat Trump, 17 percent to 14 percent. Let us pause for a moment and celebrate the unique community Utah has created, which unites some of the best of the traditional American values, hard-work, thrift, and family with a cosmopolitan openness to

They Really Dislike Trump in Utah — Here’s Why

Donald Trump is cruising for a real bruising in Utah on Tuesday. Released over the weekend, a new Utah poll shows that just 11 percent of Republican voters in Utah support Trump. Moreover, even in a three-man race, Ted Cruz is now winning 53 percent of the Utah vote, enough to grab all the delegates. The worst news for Trump? In a hypothetical matchup with Hillary Clinton, more Utah Republicans say they would vote for Hillary over Trump. This is indeed a ‘redrawing the electoral map’ for Republicans, but not in a good way. I am one of the few people who predicted

Romney Urges Utah to Vote Cruz

In a statement released on Facebook, Mitt Romney said he will be voting for Ted Cruz in Utah and urged others to do so as well to stop “Trumpism”: [facebook url=”″] H/T: The Weekly Standard. Paul Dupont is the managing editor for

Ted Cruz Can Beat Trump

Tuesday is the crucial moment. For Ted Cruz to have any chance of stopping Donald Trump, he has to shock the punditocracy by winning all the delegates in Arizona and Utah. In Utah, that means he must top 50 percent. Getting there in a three-man race is daunting, but with all those conservative Mormons who don’t swear the state should be Cruz country. In Arizona, Cruz needs just one more vote than Trump. The media has assumed that because Trump wins anti-immigration voters, he’ll easily carry Arizona. But the latest polls there show Trump taking either 31 percent or 37

Breaking: Trump and Kasich Both Ditch Next Debate

Donald Trump was first to announce he was skipping the Utah GOP debate, and John Kasich quickly followed. It has since been announced that the debate will be cancelled due to the defections. Mormonophobia or fear of debating Ted Cruz one-on-one? Either way, I am guessing Utahans won’t be pleased at the disrespect from both candidates. It was just a week and half ago that Trump said he would “love to take on Ted one-on-one. That would be fun.” But hey, Trump’s flexible. Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project and can be followed on Twitter @MaggieGallaghe.