New York on 9/11: Defiant… and Deplorable.

There's a widening gap between real New York & woke New York, evidenced by the events surrounding the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and the vaccine passport mandates being broadly ignored by the city's finest and toughest.

Once a ‘Conspiracy Theory’, Vaccine Passports Just Deployed in Europe… and CNN Wants Americans to Sign Up Too.

The idea of “vaccine” or “health passports” was once labelled a “conspiracy theory.” For millions of Europeans, it is an authoritarian nightmare now coming true. The “EU Digital COVID certificate” or “EUDCC” was unveiled in June to little fanfare and scarce media scrutiny. The digital version can be stored on a mobile device and EU citizens request a paper version. Both contain a QR code with extremely private information, as well as a digital signature. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen curiously announced: “Today the European Digital COVID certificate reassures us of this spirit of an open Europe. A